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Automated Carving for Shop, Home or Makerspace

Automated Carving for Shop, Home or Makerspace

Industrial CNC routers have provided unparalleled precision and detail in the woodworking sector for decades, used for everything from making furniture, signs to guitars.

Sienci Labs is a Canadian company founded in 2016 to make CNC more accessible for the average maker and craftsperson. Their latest machine, the LongMill, is a benchtop CNC router aimed at both beginner and experienced woodworkers who are looking to get started in CNC woodworking.

CNC routers have always had two major barriers that kept it out of reach for most hobbyists, cost and learning curve. The LongMill addresses both these issues to be the perfect option for anyone who wants to get started in CNC. By using standardized angle aluminum rails and a simple but clever design, the LongMill offers best-in-class rigidity and ease of assembly.

Their FREE and simple to use software, CAMLab, and extensive FREE resources that walk users through every step of the process. This makes the LongMill both incredibly capable machine at a price point hobby woodworkers can afford.

At pricing starting at $1500CAD for a complete kit, including software and resources, the LongMill offers incredible value.


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