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BESSEY S-10: The "take me anywhere" vise

The Bessey S-10 portable mini-vise clamp is ideal for holding flat, round, rectangular and odd shaped objects. The non-marring jaws are glue resistant and provide up to 4″ of clamping capacity. You can attach the S-10 to flat work surfaces using the two included TK-6 table clamps.


With guide rods installed, the S-10 mini-vise is ideal for small jobs that need parallel clamping.


Bessey s-10
Parallel clamping



When the S-10 is used without guide rods, the clamp is a useful tool for clamping at angles.


Bessey S-10
Angle clamping

View the Bessey S-10 flyer.

BESSEY S-10: The “take me anywhere” vise

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