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Canadian company launches elevated tiny home initiative to address housing crisis

Canadian company launches elevated tiny home initiative to address housing crisis

T. CATHARINES, ON, AUGUST 3, 2022 – A new Canadian company is launching a groundbreaking, elevated tiny home initiative as an affordable alternative to an unprecedented Canadian housing market. Despite recent cooling of the out-of-control housing market, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) says 3.5 million new homes are needed by 2030 to reach a level of affordable housing.

The Niagara-based company, called Aloft, is the brainchild of three former Habitat for Humanity executives who had the desire to explore the possibilities and functionality of small spaces to address big problems. The company is planning to help build housing capacity across southern Ontario with its custom, quality, and sustainable tiny homes.

Aloft creates plug and play units in its St. Catharines warehouse that are easily transportable and scalable – a flexible model to accommodate the needs of individuals and families.

“The lack of housing is a growing problem that can’t be solved using yesterday’s thinking or solutions” said Keith Gowans, President at Aloft. “We offer a solution to a pressing societal issue.”

Sustainable development made simple.
ALOFT specializes in putting underutilized urban spaces to work and focuses on building upward. The company builds quality, energy efficient, already furnished homes that can easily be added to existing properties both on ground and elevated. With its first model, the “Versa,” parking lots, storage areas, underutilized land, and other spaces can now become premium residential accommodations.

“We believe by intensifying the urban core with mixed housing solutions, communities will flourish,” said Craig Brown, Director at Aloft. “The pieces are in place to achieve something truly great.”

Founders motivated by their own families
Co-founders Trevor Dunscombe, Keith Gowans and Craig Brown, all fathers of young adults, built the company’s first prototype unit with the needs of their own kids in mind.

“Housing for young adults and families is one of the top challenges we grappled with when creating this company,” said Trevor Dunscombe, Director at Aloft.

“This is a very important stage in the Aloft story,” said Rick Ross, Director at Aloft. “This is just the beginning toward bringing a very different approach to today’s housing crisis.”

For a virtual tour of Aloft’s Versa unit, click here.

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