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CHILL P-TEC 8400 wood repair paste

CHILL P-TEC 8400 wood repair paste

P-TEC 8400 is the ideal product to use for repairing damaged wood, filling cracks, knots and voids, and stabilizing soft or rotten wood. Its widely used for repairing voids on the surface and edges of live-edge projects. P-TEC 8400 is an easy-to-mix two-part component with a ratio of 1:1. It sets-up in less than 20-minutes. Once fully cured you can sand drill, plane, carve, stain or oil it. It doesn’t shrink, is odour-free, food-safe and VOC-free. Available in black, beige, cognac, gray and walnut tones.

Exotic Woods Inc. is an authorized dealer of all CHILL Epoxy and Polymeres Technology products.

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P-TEC 8400


  1. In your description for Chill P-Tec 8400 you have in the description “is order-free,”.
    I think you mean odor-free. However, I would like my “free order” 🙂

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