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DXV unveils its latest luxury kitchen collection: Etre

DXV unveils its latest luxury kitchen collection: Etre

MISSISSAUGA, ON – (September 19, 2022) –DXV, the iconic luxury kitchen and bathroom brand, unveiled its newest kitchen collection, Etre™. The latest pieces are an exquisite representation of the design era known as “Machine Age Modernism,” a time when design influencers centered around functionality, practicality and purpose. True to this concept, the Etre™ Kitchen Collection is defined by sleek, modern lines with adaptable and durable design elements for maximum utility. The Etre™ Kitchen Collection is comprised of a Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Pull-Down Bar Faucet, Single and Double Bowl Apron-Front Sinks in various sizes, and Soap Dispenser. The collection will be available for purchase in showrooms nationwide starting June 2022, with the Etre™ Apron-Front Sinks following in August.

“The seamless blending of beauty and purpose is what makes Etre™ exceptional,” said Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, Leader, LIXIL Global Design, Americas. “Our most discerning customers have a profound desire to create expressive, enduring, and most importantly, functional spaces within their home. From these cues, we designed the Etre™ collection. Tapping into a design aesthetic that demands we rethink, reshape and re-imagine our physical environment, Etre™ naturally elevates the kitchen while providing maximum usability.”

Designed to complement a clean, modern aesthetic, DXV’s Etre™ Kitchen Collection is another testament of the brand’s ability to reimagine timeless design. Exceeding expectations with its striking profile and exceptional detailing, the DXV Etre™ Kitchen Collection features the following:

The Etre™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet embodies an intricate knurling texture applied to the touch points – an application often seen on precision tools and premium audio equipment. This kitchen faucet contains a quality ceramic disc valve cartridge for drip-free performance and effortless faucet handle movement.

Ideal for a kitchen island or secondary sink for entertaining, the Etre™ Pull-Down Bar Faucet is accented by a precision-engineered texture that enhances grip on the spray head and lever handle while adding a hint of interest to these key touchpoints.

The Etre™ Apron-Front Sinks are made in Italy and meticulously hand-crafted of fine fireclay with a smooth, glossy Canvas White finish. During the firing process, the fine fireclay is fired at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in a highly durable and resistant foundation and a glaze coating is fused with the fireclay. The result is a fully natural, thermal shock and stain resistant sink available in four different configurations with a double bowl or single bowl option. A sleek focal point, they feature an extra-deep 10-inch bowl to handle the demands of every day and entertaining with equal ease.

The Etre™ Soap Dispenser complements the collection’s kitchen faucets with expertly matched finishes, offering a classic design that fills from the top for quick and easy refills of soap or hand lotion and a durable push-pump with 2-3/8” spout reach for easy accessibility.

The DXV Etre™ Kitchen and Bar Faucets are available in five finishes: Polished Chrome, Ultra Steel, Matte Black, Satin Brass, and DXV’s mixed Matte Black Satin Brass finish. The collection will be available for purchase in showrooms nationwide starting November 2022, with the Etre™ Apron-Front Sinks following at a later date. The complete lineup pricing follows. To learn more, visit

Etre™ Single and Double Bowl Apron-Front Sinks: $1,480 – $1,895 Canadian MSRP
Etre™ Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets: $919 -$1,399 Canadian MSRP
Etre™ Pull-Down Bar Faucet: $674-$969 Canadian MSRP
Etre™ Soap Dispenser: $119-$154 Canadian MSRP

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