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FEIN oscillating multi-tools - precision sanding with a single tool




FEIN oscillating multi-tools – precision sanding with a single tool

The versatility of FEIN oscillating multi-tools makes them essential for carpenters, renovators, woodworkers and avid DIYers. There are a wide range of different accessories for sawing, cutting, scraping, cleaning and polishing.

And, for easy, precision sanding of small and medium-sized surfaces, on edges and in corners, FEIN multi-tools are unbeatable. Choose from a wide selection of sanding pads and abrasives:


  • standard sanding pad with a triangular shape and an edge length of 3-1/8″ (80 mm) can be used on small surfaces, corners and edges, for example when renovating windows or stairs.
  • A larger triangular sanding pad an edge length of 5-1/8″ (130 mm) can be used for material removal on bigger surfaces like floors and cabinets.
  • Special sanding pads allow you to access difficult spots. For narrow spaces, for instance in the case of flaps or window shutters, a very flat sanding pad is used. Very tight spots or those located low down can be reached with a sanding finger.
  • profile sanding set patented by FEIN handles convex, concave and tongue-and-groove profiles.
  • round backing pad 4-1/2” (115 mm) in diameter sands very effectively on medium-sized surfaces, such as doors.



Fein Profile sanding set
Profile Sanding Set for sanding in grooves and on external radii.


Step up to efficient, precision sanding with

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