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Festool launches high-quality clamp and limited-edition pliers set 

Festool launches high-quality clamp and limited-edition pliers set 

Ottawa, ON, November 3, 2022, – Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered and durable power tool solutions, today announced the Quick Clamp, a durable MFT (Multifunction Table) lever clamp that holds workpieces in place with easy fasten and release functionality. Festool also launched a limited-edition Plier Systainer Set for remodelers, carpenters and electricians looking to bolster their shop selection.

“We introduced the MFT Lever Clamp as part of the exclusive set earlier in 2022. As there has been a huge desire demand among our customers, we’ve made the product now available as a standalone item,” said Philip Strnad, Marketing Director at Festool. “The MFT Lever Clamp is easy to use and provides a great grip, making it the perfect tool for a variety of applications. The Pliers Systainer Set comes with seven limited-edition and with the Festool name behind them, you can be confident that you’re getting a high-quality product.”

Lever Clamp MFT-HZ 80: Quick, Durable & Robust

Festool’s Quick Clamp lever makes clamping a smooth process. For the first time, it is available as a permanent, standalone product. The robust, long-lasting item can be transported from project to project for years to come.

The clamp works on a variety of materials up to a height of 3-1/8” (80mm) and the lever makes it quick and convenient to clamp and release workpieces one-handed without slipping. It is compatible with the MFT hole pattern, making it easy to attach to a Multifunction Table (MFT/3) or the Mobile Workshop (MW 1000).

Pliers Systainer Set: Seven-Piece Set of Solutions

Neatly organized in the latest generation of Systainer storage featuring a unique blue color for quick and easy identification, Festool’s seven-piece limited edition Pliers Systainer Set offers solutions for countless applications. The pliers are extremely sturdy and built for a range of projects involving holding, gripping, bending and cutting. The set includes one of each of the following: adjustable plier, linesman plier, extended reach plier, end nipper plier, diagonal cutter plier, bent needle nose plier and wire stripper plier.

The pliers feature advanced cutting strength, clean finishes and comfortable handles. Several feature a slot to attach a lanyard for added security when working from higher elevations. The German-made, seven-part set expands application possibilities to wires, connectors, nuts, nails and common electrical and remodeling tasks. Remodelers, carpenters and electricians will appreciate a high-quality upgrade needed to easily strip previous work and tackle any installation. The set components are stored in the professional EPP foam tool inlay in a Systainer so they are ready to go for any project.

Starting December 1, the Quick Clamp MFT-HZ 80 (577132) will be a permanent addition to the Festool catalog and will retail for $68.00. The Pliers Systainer Set (577456) will be available for $275.00 for a limited time at participating dealers, while supplies last.

Festool Canada is based in Ottawa, Ontario. For more information, visit

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