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Festool mobile phone charger - clever and practical

Festool mobile phone charger – clever and practical

Even if you’re not a Festool power tool owner, their new PHC18 phone charger is worth checking out. Connect it to any Festool 18V battery (except the newer 18V 3.1 Ah Ergo batteries) and you can charge up to 3 mobile or smartphones simultaneously – through one of two USB ports and inductively).

The PHC18 measures only 1-1/2″ by 3″ by 5″ and has three charging methods:

  • an inductive plate that handles two major wireless charging specifications – Qi-BPP (5W) and Qi-PPDE (9W). To use this your mobile phone or smartphone has to  support inductive charging.
  • two USB ports – the older USB-A (5V at 2.4A (12W max) and the newer USB-C (5V at 3.0A (15 W max). Which will accommodate any mobile or smartphone under the sun.

According to Festool, the PHC18 can charge a typical phone up to 8 times (connected to a fully charged 5.2Ah Festool battery).

The PHC18 isn’t for everyone, but if you work on job sites that have limited access to power, or you have a crew with multiple phones, it can be a real boon.

At $65 it’s a great deal (plus $160 if you don’t already haver a Festool 5.2Ah battery).

Get more details or find your local Festool dealer at

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