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Festool launches premium products to enhance organization and efficiency across jobsites

Festool launches premium products to enhance organization and efficiency across jobsites

OTTAWA, ON June 14, 2022 – Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered, and durable power tool solutions, is launching a new array of offerings on July 12, 2022, built for professional tradespeople seeking to optimize efficiency. The PHC 18 charging station, Ratchet Systainer Set and 6” Abrasive Systainer Set enable tradespeople to save time and stay organized with well-rounded systems that can help tackle any building, remodeling, or painting project this summer and well beyond.

“We recognize the importance of organization and productivity, “said Philip Strnad, Marketing Director, Festool Canada. “Our turn-key solutions were created to boost efficiency and to provide professional tradespeople with all the tools, accessories, and consumables they need at their disposal.”

PHC 18 Mobile Charging Station: Power-Up on the Go
The PHC 18 Mobile Phone Charging Station transforms every Festool 18v battery pack into a portable power bank. The clever, compact adapter can charge up to three smartphones at the same time—both via users’ own charging cables and inductive charging. As a new addition to Festool’s line-up of classic cordless products, the PHC 18 helps keep mobile devices charged for the entire day so tradespeople can focus on the job—not their device’s battery life.

  • Robust and Compact: With the dimensions of a standard battery pack, the PHC 18 can easily be stored in a Systainer or be taken on the road. Designed like the robust 18v battery packs it attaches to, the rubberized surface ensures phones are held securely.
  • Long-Lasting, Inductive Charging: The built-in inductive charging top allows for wireless charging. Paired with a Festool 18v 5.2 Ah battery pack, the PHC 18 can fully charge a mobile phone up to eight times.

Festool phone charger

Ratchet Systainer Set: Limited-Edition Hand Tools from Festool
The first-ever Ratchet Systainer Set from Festool is comprehensive and includes ratchets, sockets, and bits of all sizes to ensure a wide range of possible applications when fastening parts. Residential and commercial projects alike benefit from the Ratchet Systainer Set, which adds job site efficiency by employing a clearly organized and well-rounded solution. Housed in a Systainer, the set offers maximum flexibility and organization whether in the workshop or on the job site.

  • Always Organized: The set is neatly stored in a Systainer and ensures users have what they need at their fingertips to efficiently tackle any project.
  • Comprehensive and Compatible: A complete system with clearly marked sockets in metric and imperial units, so no socket size is missed. Drives range in size from 5/32” – 1” and 5mm – 22mm, and the set includes both long and short extensions as well as a universal adaptor. The set is compatible with the entire Festool Systainer system to easily connect and transport.

6” Abrasive Systainer Set: The Set to Organize and Protect
The 6” Abrasive Systainer Set provides users a turn-key solution to get started on any project. Users supplementing an existing Festool 6” (150mm) sander will benefit from a neatly organized set of abrasives. Those seeking their first Festool product will appreciate a set that is ready to store and transport them to the next project. The included abrasives are compatible with the Rotex 150, ETS 150 and ETS EC 150. The set includes a wide variety of six-inch abrasive grits to get users started in an organized manner:

  • 20 x Abrasive GRANAT D150 P60
  • 20 x Abrasive GRANAT D150 P80
  • 20 x Abrasive GRANAT D150 P120
  • 20 x Abrasive GRANAT D150 P150
  • 20 x Abrasive GRANAT D150 P180
  • 20 x Abrasive GRANAT D150 P220

Starting July 12, 2022. the PHC 18 Mobile Charging Station will be available for $65 and the Abrasive Systainer Set for $267. The Ratchet Systainer Set will be available for $325 while supplies last.

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