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Flexcut 2.0 new generation of multi-tools

Flexcut 2.0 new generation of multi-tools

Introducing Flexcut Carvin’ Jack® 2.0.

Carvin’ Jack is the first folding multi-tool designed specifically for the needs of woodcarvers. At 4.4 ounces and a closed length of 4-1/4”, this jackknife features 6 blade profiles. It’s the ultimate in portability, so you can carve when­ever you want and wherever you go. Our new 2.0 version has a new cross-etched, aerospace aluminum handle. We’ve also replaced the chisel blade with a pelican knife to provide greater versatility. Each Carvin’ Jack® includes a sheath and a custom SlipStrop for maintaining the sharp­est possible edge.

Good To Know: The Carvin’ Jack should be chosen by how you carve, not necessarily if you are right or left-handed. Choose a right-handed knife if you’re right-handed and carve with the blade towards yourself. If you carve away from yourself choose a left-handed knife. Left-handers should choose the inverse.

Right-handed Carvin’ Jack® 2.0 JKN291 – $179.95
Left-handed Carvin’ Jack® 2.0 JKNL291 – $179.95



Meet Spoon Carvin’ Jack® 2.0.

This convenient multi-tool makes it easy to handcraft spoons from every kind of wood stock. Our 2.0 version has been redesigned for greater functionality. It now features four profiles—a Variable Radius Hook Knife, Hook Knife, Gouge Scorp, and a Pelican Knife. Like all of the knives in our Carvin’ Jack series, our Spoon Carvin’ Jack fits neatly in your pocket, so you can carve wherever you go. The handle is made of rugged aerospace-grade aluminum with an ergonomic design that contours to fit the palm of your hand. There is also deep cross-hatching on the handle to keep the knife from slipping while carving.
JKN296 – $139.95


Check out the Pocket Jack® 2.0 for Carvin’.

This updated multi-tool features a new cross-etched, aerospace aluminum handle, giving you greater carving control. The Pocket Jack is a streamlined version of our Carvin’ Jack®. It includes a Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Gouge Scorp and a V-Scorp. It’s rugged and capable, but just weighs 3.9 ounces with a closed length of 4-1/4”.
JKN289 – $104.95



The inside edge of a hook knife needs to be polished regularly to keep it razor sharp. Flexcut’s
Hook Strop is used to polish the inside edge of any hook knife. It is also handy for removing
the wire edge that forms after sharpening with a hook hone.

PW17 – $24.95
Sometimes a more aggressive solution to sharpening is needed. Flexcut’s Hook Hone uses abra­sive paper to sharpen the inside edge of any hook knife. It removes all the nicks and scratches from the cutting edge.
PW18 – $28.95



For more information, or to score your own Flexcut 2.0, visit

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