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Four Häfele fittings that turn unused spaces into workable storage solutions

Four Häfele fittings that turn unused spaces into workable storage solutions

Burlington, ON. (September 28, 2022) – Häfele is changing household closets one wall-mounted organizer at a time. As seasons transition from warm to cold, and bulkier clothing takes priority over space, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate a very important part of the home – the closet.

Wall-mounted organizers

Whether it’s a small one-bedroom condo or an older-style house, many homes have minimal, if any, closet space. The TAG by Häfele Symphony wall organizer is a low-profile set of mountable bars to hang accessories on, as well as hats, belts, shoes and purses.

“A wall-mounted organizer like Symphony can be installed behind doors, inside closets, front foyers and other small spaces,” says Victor Ayoub, Marketing Director at Häfele Canada. “These systems add utility to otherwise unusable spaces, making the most of every square inch of your home.”

Wardrobe and storage fittings

Most closets are composed of a hanging rod and maybe a shelf, forcing many to buy a dresser, taking up precious floor space. ENGAGE closet accessories TAG by Häfele are configured to individual needs, with options for pull-out shelves, jewelry organizers, shoe organizers and deep divided drawers.

“It’s easy for clothing to get buried behind other clothes in a deep closet that only has shelves,” says Ayoub. “Adding accessories that pull-out allows you to select every garment without making a mess trying to grab your favourite shirt from the back.”

Hanging systems

Sometimes only a few hooks are needed to store bulky garments during colder months, but the wrong size and shape of a hook can damage garments when stored long term. Synergy collection TAG by Häfele is a system of specially designed hooks for different hard-to-store closet items. Häfele makes scarf racks, tie racks, belt racks and valets, which all pull out from the closet for easy access when needed.

“Instead of having separate areas for the closet, dresser and hooks, the Synergy collection TAG by Häfele makes it all easily accessible in the closet,” explains Ayoub. “This frees up lots of space in the floorplan, which can be a game changer in a bedroom or other small spaces.”

LED lighting

Integrating lighting into the closet helps showcase each area of the closet, but also provides ambient light for getting ready in the morning — especially in the months when mornings are dark. Häfele Loox lighting system can be installed as strip lights or puck lights to best fit the feel of a closet and room design. This lighting system illuminates the whole closet, making it easier to see each segment

“The Loox lighting system is easy to install, whether it’s a renovation or retrofit,” says Ayoub. “Adding LEDs is a simple upgrade but adds an incredibly luxurious feel to the closet.”

Updating a closet with practical organization solutions is much more beneficial long-term than simply bagging up clothing and moving it to the basement every season. With the right organizational fittings and storage solutions in place, homeowners can feel more coordinated with their wardrobe as well as save time with seasonal switchovers.

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