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Häfele Canada sheds light on interior design with Loox5 LED lighting

Häfele Canada sheds light on interior design with Loox5 LED lighting

Burlington, ON. (April 21, 2022) – Häfele, a leading manufacturer of hardware and fitting systems, is a category leader in providing innovative lighting solutions for residential and commercial design. Häfele Loox5 is a plug-and-play LED lighting system compiled of linear and point lighting products that offer flexible lighting solutions. With options for task lighting for a safe and pleasant work environment, ambient lighting for creating atmosphere, and accent lighting for storage spaces or walkways, Häfele delivers superior performance through German engineering and innovative technology. On average, Loox products last for 50,000 hours without any reduction in light quality. This translates to a 25-year lifespan if using the lighting for an average of four hours per day, or five years if the lighting is on 24 hours a day. Häfele Loox lighting provides outstanding performance that benefits the end-user, interior or furniture designers, and cabinet manufacturers through customizable solutions for residential, hospitality, and commercial environments.

Loox LED lighting allows homeowners to customize the mood in any room with light colour, intensity, alignment, and installation options. The Loox5 system is simple to set up with colour-coded plug connectors to ensure safe and intuitive connections between components. Utilize the Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor to control monochrome, multi-white, or RGB lights individually or together. Six-way distributors can be networked and controlled by remote control, wall-mounted push buttons, or the Häfele Connect app on iOS and Android devices.


New to the Loox5 collection, the award-winning Linear Lens by Häfele is the first furniture light to distribute almost all of the light generated by the LED strip directly onto a work surface with minimal light scattering. The Linear Lens intelligently concentrates the light of an LED strip, delivering twice the usual level of illumination while maintaining the exact dimensions, rendering additional, more energy-intensive light sources unnecessary. Developed with cabinet makers and joiners in mind, the Linear Lens boasts quick installation, easy configuration, and uncomplicated operation. This impressive design has won numerous awards, including a 2021 Red Dot Award for Lighting Design, the “Best of the Best” Interzum Award 2021, and a 2021 German Innovation Award.


Ramsin Khachi, Principal at Khachi Design + Build, believes light plays a critical role in bringing a client’s vision to life. “Lighting is the most important element to consider when designing a space, and it can fundamentally transform a room in shape, size, and overall feel,” explains Khachi. “One can incorporate the most exquisite materials in design, yet the only one thing that brings those elements to life, through the human eye, is purely light. By playing with light directions, shadows, intensities and colour temperatures, you can alter aesthetics, transform the ambiance, manipulate how individuals feel, and you can subconsciously induce emotions. It’s a powerful tool in design, and it is considerably underutilized.”


Integrated lighting in cabinetry has become a common request among designers and consumers alike. Luxury custom cabinetry brand Elmwood has partnered with Hafele for over 20 years to keep up with consistent and frequent requests for customizable lighting solutions.


“Hafele does an exceptional job incorporating the latest technology into their product offerings. Their new adjustable kitchen lighting system is a real category game changer,” says Jennifer Paul, Product Development Manager, Elmwood, “Having the flexibility to adapt lighting temperature in your space, from cool to warm, is revolutionary. It’s truly lighting reimagined.”


Expertly placed Häfele lighting solutions can genuinely bring interior design to life, accentuating focus on areas of interest to create atmospheric depth and height. This type of lighting can also serve a functional purpose by illuminating cabinetry interiors or creating walkways with linear lighting. Häfele’s concealed lighting is placed within furniture and can also be integrated into shelving to augment natural light and enhance interior design elements by creating lighting layers. The brand’s concealed spot and strip lighting emphasize architectural details or artwork by lighting from above or below and also provides general illumination.


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