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Introducing the MortiseMatch

Strongsville, OH – Northeast Ohio tool manufacturer, Woodpeckers®, recently released the MortiseMatch, which converts the Domino joiner from a hand-held tool to a precision stationary bench-top horizontal mortising machine.


Take your mortise milling projects to the Woodpeckers MortiseMatch workbench platform, instead of taking the Domino Joiner to your work. This system easily attaches to any workbench or surface with clamps, bench dogs, or hold-downs. Simply attach the MortiseMatch base to either Domino models’ pre-supplied threaded holes with two machine screws and cut dominos using stock thicknesses from ½” to 2-3/8″ range.


Product Engineer, Greg Skillicorn stated, “The MortiseMatch does the same thing for the Festool Domino joiner that a router table does for a router.”


Speed up the mortising process with MortiseMatch features like a quick locking carriage for consistent side-to-side parallel stock cutting, precision cutter centering distance, parallel table to Domino height indexing, 45° to 90° mitered joints, exact vertical spacing for any profile design, and a protractor fence for accurate face-to-face and edge alignment. The Domino removes easily from the MortiseMatch with carriage in-place for other hand-held use and its track is compatible to all other Festool track systems that you may already have in your shop.


If you’re a Domino user, or wanting to become a Domino user, MortiseMatch is the solution for simplifying joint alignment, increasing the range of material thickness, working with narrow, square and mitered material typical to frame construction, cabinet builds, and other board joinery, while taking the weight of the machine off your hands during long production runs.


Woodpeckers has focused on the needs of hobbyist woodworkers since 1988 and began manufacturing the majority of their offerings in 1993. The company makes precision layout tools, router tables and lifts, innovative clamping tools, carbide-tipped woodturning tools and a wide variety of helpful shop products. Their facility houses a vast array of computer-controlled mills and lathes and employs over 200 skilled American workers.


NOTE: “Festool” & “Domino” are registered trademarks of Festool and are not associated with Woodpeckers, LLC.


Complete details on the MortiseMatch can be found at

Introducing the MortiseMatch

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