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Kitchen organization ideas from Häfele

Kitchen organization ideas from Häfele

With the holidays soon approaching, it’s time to prepare for baking season! The best way to prevent the kitchen from falling into the throes of chaos is to stay well organized. To make the season successful, Häfele has rounded up some key kitchen solutions and accessories that can be incorporated into new build kitchens or retrofitted into existing kitchens, without disrupting the design.

Vauth-Sagel by Häfele
Vauth-Sagel by Häfele optimizes small spaces with surprising and convenient storage in the kitchen. The VS Sub Slim pull-out drawer can be fitted with fixed trays to keep spice containers, a baking sheet holder, or a towel rack.

Vauth-Sagel by Häfele Cornerstone MAXX
The best way to keep organized while baking is to have everything measured and portioned into their own bowls, making it easy to put everything together — chefs call this mise en place. Storing all those bowls can be a pain, but Vauth-Sagel by Häfele Cornerstone MAXX turns a blind corner into a multi-level pull-out shelf perfect for housing big stacks of bowls.

Häfele Appliance Lift
Doing all that baking by hand would be a total workout without a stand mixer, but storing a mixer takes up a lot of space, and they are quite heavy to move. The Häfele Appliance Lift makes accessing the stand mixer effortless, and it can be used from the lift without taking up more countertop space.

Häfele Fineline drawer organizers
Baking has a lot of small pieces to consider – measuring cups, measuring spoons, and cookie cutters. Awkward shapes like these can take over an entire drawer if not organized properly. Häfele Fineline drawer organizers are highly customizable to each drawer’s storage needs. The Base Plate Kit replaces the drawer’s bottom, with perforations on the bottom to fit posts and dividers, creating compartments. There are even specialized shapes like plate holders, container holders, plate racks, and wine storage racks, so there can truly be a space for everything. Another way to individualize each drawer is with Fineline Move, a system of different-sized boxes that can be arranged to meet the needs of each compartment and add visual interest and dimension.

Häfele’s Food Storage Container system
Though the kids might try, there is a limit to how many cookies one can consume in one sitting. There will, usually, be leftovers. Storage containers are notoriously challenging to organize. With different sizes and lids, not everything stacks with each other — there might even be a special cookie tin for festive occasions that needs to be stored. Häfele’s Food Storage Container system has railings and internal boxes, so each type of container can have its own section, all within one drawer.

Though furniture handles and door hinges might be an unconventional gift to put under the tree, a well-organized kitchen is a gift that gives back for years to come.

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