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Laguna CleanAir 2022 Line-Up

If you’re ready to step up to a better dust collector, here are some points to consider. Even a small shop needs a dust collector, but traditionally two-stage cyclone style systems have been very large and difficult to fit in a small shop layout. With Laguna’s lineup of dust collectors for 2022, there’s a great range of size and powerplant options, with plenty of suction and performance to meet your shop’s needs. Some models are even suited for the small home shop. If space is a primary concern, consider the C Flux lineup with 1.5hp, 2hp, and 3hp options. A true cyclone dust collector is within your reach, and now includes a dual paddle filter cleaner and max drum level indicator.

Laguna CleanAir 2022 Line-Up

The P|Flux series offers peerless performance. It includes an auto-cleaning feature, sports standard HEPA filtration and is filled with innovative details.

If the latest technology drives your decisions, and you want all the best gear, go for the X|Flux 5 – designed for the demanding hobbyist or small pro shop. The all-new X|Flux 5 boasts a powerful 5hp motor and impressive 1823 CFM with a convenient 39 gallon drum on locking castors.

Laguna PFLUX


Whatever system you decide on, you’ll get Laguna’s legendary drum lift system for a reliable seal and ergonomic operation. Turn dust collection from a chore to a pleasure with all the smart features you’d expect from Laguna.

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