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LegUp Table Saw Panel-Lifting Accessory

Lifting panels onto a table saw is difficult & dangerous
Getting sheet goods up onto the table saw can be dangerous and back breaking. The panel can easily slip in the process or accidentally bump into the blade causing the board to kick back at the operator. And the process of bending, twisting and lifting the panel can easily ‘throw out’ the back.

LegUp Table Saw Panel-Lifting Accessory

The LegUp Panel-Lift Table Saw Accessory eliminates all those possibilities by using leverage to get the panel up onto the saw table in a simple, controlled manner.

The LegUp is a powder-coated steel ‘leg’ which mounts quickly and easily to the edge of your table saw or to the fence rail.  That ‘leg’ has a ‘foot’ or ‘hook’ at the bottom that sits just a couple of inches above the floor.  The bottom edge of the wood sheet is placed onto the foot.  The LegUp serves as a fulcrum with a sufficient portion of a panel rising above the pivot point  to make it virtually effortless to rotate or ‘flip’ that panel onto the top of the saw table with the action and ease of a seesaw.

Then, as the operator slides the panel towards the saw fence the LegUp drops down, returning to its vertical position ready for the next panel. It’s simple; it works very well; it saves the back, neck, hands and arms; it lasts forever! The LegUp was developed by the same people who created the Gorilla Gripper® panel carrier for carrying sheet goods from the top!  It’s one more unique, rugged, labor-saving, back-saving product from Landon Innovations.

Watch our very convincing 34-second ‘demo’ video on our website.

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