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Leitz High Shear Tooling - EdgeExpert Diamond Router Bits & WhisperCut Cutterheads

Grand Rapids, MI – Leitz EdgeExpert PCD router bits and WhisperCut cutterheads feature high-shear knife geometry which drastically reduces cutting pressure, slicing through material with ease.  This differs from traditional tooling which utilizes a “chiseling” action, damaging both the material and the tool.

Leitz High Shear Tooling – EdgeExpert Diamond Router Bits & WhisperCut Cutterheads

These advanced tooling systems have been selected as a 2016 IWF Challengers Award semi-finalist.

The high-shear design optimizes quality and enhances tool productivity and durability with greatly reduced machining noise.  With little increase in tooling costs, you get much greater productivity.

EdgeExpert tooling is available in EdgeExpert Pro and EdgeExpert Plus designs.  The tool which is right for your operation depends on the batch size and material being cut.

WhisperCut and WhisperCut Plus cutterheads feature a lightweight, aluminum body and easily-replaceable knives which can be resharpened up to 12 times, reducing tooling and maintenance costs by more than 25%.

Leitz, with U.S. operations headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, and worldwide operations managed from Oberkochen, Germany, is a leader in high-technology engineering and manufacturing of precision tooling and systems for machining wood, plastics and advanced composites.  In addition to Grand Rapids, the company has U.S. service centers in Archdale, NC, Garland, TX, San Bernardino, CA and Kent, WA.


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