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Lumber supply expected to remain tight

Lumber supply expected to remain tight


  1. Update 9/23/2021:
    2x8x16’s at Lowe’s in Franklin, VA are currently selling for $12.95, down from a high of $29.18 on 6/4/2021

  2. In reply to Mr. Leatherwood, who is spot on. In Ontario, as of last week, the price of a of a standard 2″x4″x8′ SPF Select stud at a major box store was $12.95. In normal times that same stud is $2.50. If that isn’t price gouging by the lumber supply chain in it’s worst form, then I don’t what is. But of coarse our pricing watch dogs do what they do best “nothing”.

  3. Here in southeast Virginia logging has only slowed down due to the usual weather related reasons, there have been no restrictions on logging that been related to covid. Most loggers I know are producing as hard as the weather permits. There have been no mill closures. Untreated 2x8x16’s that cost $12.50 on July 3, 2020 now cost $29.18 as of 6/4/2021 at Lowe’s in Franklin, VA. but logging rates & stumpage paid to landowners have remained basically unchanged. If price gouging after natural disasters is against the law then why isn’t this?

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