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Maximizing home storage and organization with Häfele Canada

Maximizing home storage and organization with Häfele Canada

Burlington, ON. (June 29, 2022) – Häfele, a leading manufacturer of hardware and fitting systems and a category leader in providing innovative solutions for organization, is continuing to build awareness with interior designers on what is possible in terms of storage. The brand is taking home organization to the next level with a multitude of product offerings. From integrated storage solutions to organizational drawer configurations, Häfele Canada is determined to make the home space as functional as possible.

From left to right: VS Cornerstone Maxx, VS SUB Slim, VS SUB Side, VS ENVI Space

Vauth-Sagel by Häfele

The Vauth-Sagel by Häfele line of kitchen accessories and modular systems provides maximum storage while elevating the aesthetics of cabinet interiors. From pull-out pantry systems, clever corner cabinet solutions, and integrated storage – homeowners can now maximize kitchen organization with storage solutions for full-height, base, corner cabinets, and waste sorting and recycling.


The Vauth-Sagel by Häfele Cornerstone Maxx offers two independently movable shelves maximizing valuable storage space with movable trays that bring cabinet contents to the front. The Vauth-Sagel by Häfele SUB® Planero Slim features clever base cabinet pull-out units for narrow gaps that can transform even the smallest area into practical storage space, perfect for towels and baking trays. The Vauth-Sagel by Häfele SUB Planero Side® offers adjustable height shelves adapting the base cabinet to the user’s needs. It has a self-closing mechanism with an integrated damping feature. The entire contents disappears into the cabinet with ease and without noise. It has width options of 300 mm, 200 mm, and 150 mm. Planero formats feature a closed storage shelf with a rounded-edge design that is easy to clean. Lastly, the Vauth-Sagel by Häfele ENVI Space® fits perfectly into the kitchen work area, allowing homeowners to take advantage of unused space under the sink or a drawer.

Matrix Slim A advanced slim wall drawer system

Elegant and streamlined, the Matrix Slim A drawer system offers easy and convenient storage that requires tool-less installation. The system has 90° sides, a weight capacity of 30 kg, and features thin drawer walls for maximum space. Multiple depth and height options are available, creating limitless opportunities for any room in the home where cabinetry space is at a premium.

Häfele Fineline

The Häfele Fineline organization system helps to streamline drawer and cabinet interiors. The system allows for complete custom configuration using the Fineline base plate and coordinating accessories, including drawer dividers, plate racks, cutlery trays, spice racks, wine storage, knife holders and multipurpose inserts. Available in natural birch or walnut finishes paired with high-quality metals, Häfele Fineline provides space-saving solutions without sacrificing style.

Fineline Move

Fineline Move is a selection of stylish and modular trays, dividers, boxes, baskets, and holders to support broader and deeper drawer sizes and organizational solutions for stationary and pull-out pantry shelving. An extension of the popular Häfele Fineline organization system, Fineline Move is a simple and innately flexible solution to the age-old problem of organization within drawers and cabinets – in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in the home.

Häfele Loox5

What use is good storage if you can’t see anything? Häfele Loox5 is a plug-and-play LED lighting system comprising linear and point lighting products that offer flexible lighting solutions. Loox5 lighting allows homeowners to easily customize the mood in any room with light colour, intensity, alignment, and installation options. It is easy to install and an excellent choice for illuminating cabinetry interiors.

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