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New WORX 12-volt compact jump starter

New WORX 12-volt compact jump starter

Charlotte, NC – The new WORX 12V Compact Jump Starter is portable and mighty for its size with the ability to make jump starts when fully charged. The 1lb. jump starter’s jump gasoline-powered car engines up to 6.0 liters and diesel car engines up to 3.0 liters.

The portable jump starter features three USB ports for charging various small electronics or supplying power to 12V products. Charging the 12V Compact Jump Starter is managed through the included USB-C cord when connected to a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer. It takes three hours to fully charge the unit.

On the face of the jump starter is a battery charge level indicator button. When pressed, it provides charge level percentages in LEDs. One light indicates 25 percent charge level; two lights 50 percent; three lights 75 percent and when all four lights appear it’s fully charged.

Another handy feature is the LED work light. This makes navigating a dark engine compartment at night much easier. Plus, this LED also flashes and can be used as a distress signal.

In addition to car batteries, the WORX 12V Compact Jump Starter can be used to jump motorcycles, lawn tractors and other 12V batteries. Its USB-C charging cable also can be used for charging mobile phone, tablets, laptop computers and other small electronics.

The cable clips are clearly marked with positive (+) and negative (-) symbols. A solid green light appears when the cable clips are connected to the right terminals. A flashing green light indicates a power boost is needed. The jump starter also has built-in reverse polarity protection. A solid red light combined with a beeping sound signals the cable clips are connected to the wrong terminals. When neither a green or red light appears, that indicates the battery is dead and needs replacing.

Included with the compact jump starter are a set of battery cables with clips, a USB-C charging cable and carrying case. The jump starter is covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty.

The WORX 12V Compact Jump Starter (WX854, $89.99) is available at

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