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New WORX NITRO 20V 4-1/2" circular saw

New WORX NITRO 20V 4-1/2″ circular saw

Charlotte, NC – The new WORX® Nitro™ 20V Power Share™ 4-1/2 in. Circular Saw with high-efficiency brushless motor speeds crosscutting 2X4’s and ripping plywood. At 4.6 lbs. (with battery), this compact saw has greater mobility without the bulk of a full-size 7-1/4 circular saw, plus it’s not dependent on an electrical outlet for power.

In concert with the saw’s brushless motor, WORX engineered the saw’s circuity so its power under load increases up to 55 percent, based on material hardness it encounters. Power automatically increases when cutting hardwoods such as oak and maple, and readjusts when cutting softwoods like pine or wafer board. The saw’s circuitry technology is designed to conserves run time while increasing battery life

The WORX 4-1/2 in. blade on the saw is from their new CuttingEdge™ Series. Characteristic of this thin-kerf, carbide-tipped-blade is its sharpness, durability and precision. In fact, its cutting efficiency is increased by 40 percent. Spinning at 6900 (no-load) rpm, the 24-tooth blade, which typically is used for rough carpentry work, produces smooth, nearly sand-free cutting result.

WX531L-1800×1800-300dpi.jpgThe compact saw is ideal for do-it-yourselfers and professionals seeking a compact, lightweight saw to handle a wide variety of home improvements, repairs and remodeling projects.

The Nitro 20V circular saw employs a high-efficiency brushless motor that provides 25 percent more power and 50 percent longer run time than comparable brushed motors. The brushless motor also runs cooler with less friction and heat buildup than conventional motors with brushes, resulting in smooth, reliable operation. In fact, the WORX brushless motor provides 10 times longer life than motors with brushes.

The circular saw is equipped with a 20V, 2.0Ah battery and 2-amp, 1-hour charger. The Power Share battery is compatible with more than 75 other WORX 20V, 40V and 80V DIY, lawn and garden and lifestyle products for cost savings and convenience.

The circular saw is ideal for ripping, cross-cutting and plunge cutting. It makes bevel cuts from 0 to 46º and maximum depth-of-cuts of 1-1/2 in. at 90º and 1-1/8 in. at 45º. It cuts 2X stock in a single pass.

The saw’s brushless motor drives the 4-1/2 in., 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade at 6900 (no load) rpm. With the proper blade, the saw will cut metal, tile, plasterboard, and plastics, in addition to wood. WORX offers an optional 3-piece, 4-1/2 in. blade set that includes a 24-tooth carbide-tipped wood cutting blade, a 60-tooth carbide-grit blade for cutting ceramic tile and a 60-tooth thin sheet metal blade (WA8502, $29.99) through parts and accessories on

The saw cuts on the left line of the sight line for clear visibility. Depth-of-cut adjustments are made quickly and easily with a lever at the rear of the saw that lowers and raises the base plate.

The ergonomic circular saw’s handle has a slim body design with rubber-overmold for maneuverability, comfort and grip. A spindle lock is provided for fast and convenient blade changes. The saw also features an LED worklight to illuminate the cutting area and a built-in vac port for dust collection pickup to help remove sawdust and debris.

Included with the saw is a 20V, 2.0Ah battery; 2-amp 1-hour charger; 24-tooth, carbide-tipped blade; parallel edge guide;WX531L-1800×1800-300dpi3.jpg vacuum adapter; hex key for blade changes and carrying bag. The Nitro 4-1/2 in. Circular Saw is covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty.

The WORX Nitro 20V Power Share 4-1/2 in. Circular Saw with brushless motor (WX531L, $229.99) is available at

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