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No Stain, No Gain

SICO Paint unveils three simple steps to a beautiful, long-lasting deck
LONGUEUIL, Quebec, June 23, 2015 – It’s no secret that Canadians savour summer, sparing little expense to beautify their backyard living spaces after a harsh winter. When it comes to creating a long-lasting lavish outdoor décor, it all starts with a properly-stained and well-protected deck, according to leading paint brand SICO® paint. “Outdoor living continues to be a strong trend as more and more people extend their indoor décor outside, adding everything from furniture to kitchens to accessories,” said Mathieu Hamel, assistant brand manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings.

No Stain, No Gain

“The richness of a wooden deck is a perfect backdrop for a stylish and welcoming outdoor space that will both provide a relaxing haven and wow your guests.” Before embarking on a deck-staining project, however, Hamel cautioned that in order to protect your investment for the long term, it is important to adhere to a proper plan. He recommended following these three steps to guarantee professional-looking, enduring results:

1. Product and colour selection: Decide what look you would like to achieve. If the wood on your deck is worn and you want to hide it, but still keep its texture, a solid stain is the way to go. If you’d like both the wood grain and texture to show through, a semi-transparent stain or translucent wood finish is the product to use. When using a semi-transparent stain or translucent wood finish, remember that the type of wood used for your deck will affect the colour outcome. For example, a yellow-toned stain will look different on red cedar than on treated pinewood, which has a green tinge. Keep in mind that the wood hardness and porosity, as well as the amount of wood stain applied, may alter the colour as well, so test the stain on a small piece of the wood or in an inconspicuous area before starting.

2. Preparation: How you prepare the surfaces to be stained will make or break your project. Start by removing any wood fibres, dirt and contaminants from your deck using a high-quality exterior wood cleaner. Allow the wood to dry slightly, brush away loosened debris and rinse with a pressure washer. Next, tighten any loose screws, scrape away bits of flaking wood and sand all surfaces. For easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, Sico paint has launched a how-to video that walks homeowners through the entire staining process in just five minutes. Accessed at, the video is full of tips on surface preparation and how to achieve best results when staining.

3. Application: To give your exterior wood maximum richness and depth, select a top-quality product, and know that less is more when it comes to applying stain. Never use more than two coats in order to ensure the stain adheres to the shape of the wood without cracking or peeling. Always use a brush instead of a roller, so you get into all the nooks and crannies of your deck. If you prefer to stand while staining, simply apply an extension pole to your brush. Always brush in the same direction as the wood grain, moving from unstained to stained wood. If more than one person is doing the staining, assign each person a separate section of the project to ensure consistency with technique and even colour application. When staining a deck, for example, have one person work on the main surface and another on the steps or vertical beams.

No matter how eager you are to be done, it’s important to wait the prescribed drying time, Hamel said. Typically, stains require up to 24 hours to dry in clear weather. He emphasized that before starting any staining project, it is critical to carefully read the application instructions on the product being used.

Sico paint offers a broad range of staining products in a variety of colours and finishes, including Sico Solid Wood Stain, Sico Semi-transparent Wood Stain, Sico Translucent Wood Finish and Sico Semi-transparent Wood Protector.

To view the full selection of Sico paint products and stain colours, and learn more about choosing the right stain for your job, visit the Sico website.

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