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One-of-a-kind pre-blended casting epoxy for opaque whites

SnowWhite is the one-of-a-kind pre-blended casting epoxy of choice when you are looking for a consistent opaque white finish. Compared to adding pigments to a clear epoxy, SnowWhite consists of fillers, and extra white pigments blended thoroughly and suspended in the resin, allowing for a uniform and incredibly brilliant white finish – between layers and between projects.


It is self-leveling, and when the two parts are combined, it cures to a 100% solid. It is recommended for pour thicknesses of 1-2” to 1 -1/2″ (13 – 38 mm) per layer. Its high bio content (~20%) and faster pour-to-finish time offer increased productivity and great value for money.


SnowWhite mixes easily and has an extremely low odor, making it a perfect solution if you are looking for an even opaque white color for your next project.

After cure, SnowWhite can be easily worked using the same tools you would use when woodworking. It can be sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped, machined, and routered and will remain rigid and durable for life. The consistent, brilliant white finish offers woodworkers numerous possibilities to create attractive projects, such as river tables, accent furniture, and art projects.


ecopoxy snowwhite casting epoxy



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One-of-a-kind pre-blended casting epoxy for opaque whites

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