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Oneida Air Systems presents made in USA dust collection solutions at IWF 2022

Oneida Air Systems presents made in USA dust collection solutions at IWF 2022

Oneida Air Systems, the industry leader in dust collection, will feature its Dust Deputy 2.5 cyclone pre-separator, Dust Deputy Bagger, and Super Dust Deputy 4/5 in booth B4735 at IWF in Atlanta, GA, August 23-26, 2022.

New Dust Deputy 2.5’s larger cyclone maximizes the suction power of today’s wet/dry vacuums.

Based on the original Dust Deputy—the revolutionary wet/dry vacuum accessory that pre-separates 99 percent of dust and debris from the airstream—the patented and American-made Dust Deputy 2.5 cyclone is optimized for today’s larger, more powerful vacuums with 2.5” diameter hoses to deliver up to two times the airflow of other cyclone and lid-style separators.

Like its predecessor, the new Dust Deputy 2.5’s cyclonic design uses centrifugal force to spin debris out of the airstream and down to the waste container, virtually eliminating clogged filters and suction loss, and increasing the lifespan of the vacuum’s filter. At 15.5” tall, with an inlet and outlet designed to friction fit standard 2.5” hose cuffs, the anti-static Dust Deputy 2.5 cyclone is ideal for woodworking activities that generate dust at a rapid pace, such as sanding, sawing, jointing, and planing. In addition to wood dust, it excels at collecting other types of dust and debris, including drywall dust, cooled ash, pet hair, water, and more.

“We recognized a need for a larger cyclone to match the more powerful wet/dry vacuums that have become standard over the years,” said Robert Witter, inventor of the Dust Deputy and President of Oneida Air Systems. “By delivering up to double the airflow of smaller cyclones, the Dust Deputy 2.5 more than meets that need,” said Witter.

It also meets the needs of original Dust Deputy owners wanting to upgrade to the larger version. “We wanted to make it easy for existing customers to incorporate the new 2.5 cyclone into their setup; so we designed the Dust Deputy 2.5 with the same base and hole pattern as the original Dust Deputy,” said Witter.

Made in USA and available July 1 from and select Canadian retailers, the Dust Deputy 2.5 DIY and 2.5 Plus are sold with a cyclone, gasket, and hardware. The 2.5 Plus also includes a 4.5-foot cuffed hose and a reinforced, quick-release 5-gallon bucket lid.

Keep the shop clean and save space with the Dust Deputy Bagger

The Dust Deputy Bagger combines the patented Dust Deputy cyclone separator with an innovative wall mounted bagging system that turns any wet/dry vacuum into a high-capacity, two-stage dust collection system. It’s ideal for any workshop, garage, or other space where wet/dry vacuums are regularly used. Now 20% more efficient with Neutral Vane Technology, the Dust Deputy Bagger’s cyclone removes over 99% of dust and debris from the airstream before it reaches the vacuum—virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss, and dramatically extending filter life.

The Bagger’s unique design allows the use of standard 4 mil garbage bags in place of traditional dust collection bins. By using clear collection bags, it’s easy to see when the bag needs to be emptied and the volume of waste collected is only limited by the bag size being used. When the bag is approximately two-thirds full, simply gather the neck of the bag together, remove it from the Bagger unit, and dispose of it. No other system offers such a quick, easy, and mess-free method of wet/dry vacuum waste disposal. In addition, the Dust Deputy Bagger sports a slim installed profile at approximately 12” wide, 12” deep, and 50” high with bag installed.

Made in the USA and patent pending, the Dust Deputy Bagger is available now from and select Canadian retailers. It includes a clear, anti-static Dust Deputy cyclone separator, powder-coated steel wall bracket, hardware, 3.9-gallon accumulation bin, (5) clear plastic 25-gallon bags, powder-coated steel grid, two silicone rubber bands, two hose elbow adapters, foam gaskets, hardware and six feet of hose.

New Super Dust Deputy 4/5 adapts to widest range of single stage dust collectors

Made in the USA, the new Super Dust Deputy® 4/5 by Oneida Air Systems is a cyclonic separator designed to work with nearly any 1 to 3HP single stage dust collector. It is the first separator that eliminates the need for right-sized fittings, allowing you the flexibility to change your setup with ease.

Based on the original patented Super Dust Deputy—which connects to a single stage dust collector and separates 99% of dust and debris from the airstream to eliminate filter clogging and suction loss—the new Super Dust Deputy 4/5 includes two 4” OD adapters that allow the cyclone’s inlet to connect to 4” or 5” hose and the outlet to connect to 4” or 6” hose as needed. It can also be connected to ducting with additional adapters.

Made from static dissipative material to prevent static buildup, the 4/5 cyclone measures 14” wide by 23” tall and is compatible with all Super Dust Deputy drum kits from Oneida Air Systems. It can also be mounted to any airtight drum or barrel.

The Super Dust Deputy 4/5 and Super Dust Deputy 4/5 Deluxe will be available July 1 from and select Canadian retailers. Both are sold with the 4/5 cyclone, two 4” adapters, gasket, and hardware. The Deluxe also includes a 15-gallon fiber drum, steel lid, and lid clamp.

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