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ProEdge Sharpening System at KMS Tools

ProEdge Sharpening System at KMS Tools

As a woodturner, you know the value of a sharp chisel; it delivers cleaner, smoother cuts with less tearout. With the ProEdge Sharpening System from Robert Sorby, you can keep your chisels razor sharp, with factory-honed edges and precise bevels. Featuring a built-in angle setter, an adjustable tool platform and a selection of jigs, the ProEdge provides accurate, repeatable sharpening for a variety of tools including planer blades, bench and lathe chisels, knives and garden tools. ProEdge uses quick-change abrasive belts that create less heat than grinding wheels. Start with a coarse belt and swap in successively finer grits until your chisels are razor sharp. We recommend Robert Sorby’s Trizact belts, available in three grits—600, 1,200 and 3,000. For more info call KMS Tools at 1-800-567-8979 or visit

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