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Scorpion 12" and 16" Combination Jointer / Planers

Sponsored: The Scorpion 12″ and 16″ combination jointer/planers are built by CWI Woodworking Technologies to be best in class machinery with the features, performance and quality serious woodworkers are looking for. Having two machines in one space with extremely fast and easy changeover from jointer to planer and back allows woodworkers to save space and money while having better machining capacities. Scorpion jointer/planers feature Stinger five row carbide helical head technology, flush mount electrical control panel, magnetic switch, electronic digital planer height read-out, Euro style swing-away guard and a mobility kit for ease of movement around the shop. For more info visit

Scorpion 12″ and 16″ Combination Jointer / Planers


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