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Shaper Origin

Shaper Origin

Shaper Origin is a hand tool that makes CNC precision more affordable, accessible and adaptable than ever before. Origin uses an onboard camera to scan a workpiece and plots tool paths for users to follow. Its spindle’s active motion control and automatic retract keeps cuts clean and precise. And because it’s a hand tool designed with woodworkers in mind, it’s especially well-suited to anyone whose woodworking experience is greater than their patience to learn CNC programming.

There’s no programming required or fussy workflows to adapt to. Users keep their hands on the tool throughout the cut, guaranteeing quality outcomes.

And now, with the introduction of Shaper Workstation, precision cutting on a variety of projects is easier and more efficient than ever before. By combining Shaper Origin and Shaper Workstation, users can quickly and efficiently set up customized workholding for an enormous variety of projects. Visit for more information.

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