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Spiral cutterhead for Milwaukee M18 cordless planer

Spiral cutterhead for Milwaukee M18 cordless planer

Woodworkers are now retrofitting spiral cutterheads to their old planers and jointers for the following advantages.

Smoother Finish with no tear-out. Each knife sits at a slight angle and it produces shear cut. Spiral cutterhead planes board in staggered cut which is much better than single straight cut. The combined shear and staggered cut eliminates tear-out and leaves glassy surface finish on even highly figured hardwood.

Noise is 40% reduced as spiral cutterhead allows a few knives to cut in a staggered way.
More than 10 times the life use of high speed steel. The 15x15x2.5mm inserts are made of sintered tungsten carbide which is much harder than high speed steel. Each insert has four edges.

Easy to change. The knives are precision ground to a tolerance of +/-0.0004″ or +/-0.01mm are interchangeable. Loose the screw, rotate 90° for a new edge, tighten the insert in minutes. It cuts your production time by 30%.

Dust extraction is easier. Spiral cutterhead produces thinner and shorter chips.

Low cost to use. Spiral cutterheads produce smoother finish, reduce or eliminate sanding work, don’t require sharpening, your products will pay for itself in a very short time.

Upgrade the cutterhead on your Milwaukee M18 cordless planer for superior performance today.


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