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Supercharge your thickness planer

Supercharge your thickness planer

Spiral cutterheads are quieter, require less energy to operate, reduce or eliminate sanding work, don’t require sharpening and leave a smoother finish, with no tear-out, especially when it comes to figured woods. Each knife is staggered on the cutterhead and sits at a slight angle to produce a shearing cut. This combined shear and staggered cut delivers the best finish you can get on a thickness planer or jointer.

Installing inserts is very easy. You simply loosen a screw, rotate the insert 90° for a new edge, and then re-tighten the insert.

Turbocharge your King Canada KC-520C 20″ planer with a spiral cutterhead

The Sheartak S00846 cutterhead has 132 carbide inserts on 6 spirals. The inserts are made of sintered tungsten carbide which is much harder than high speed steel and are precision ground to a tolerance of +/-0.0004″ (+/-0.01mm).

Don’t have a King? Don’t worry

Sheartak cutterheads are also available for a wide range of 20″ planers, including General, Steel City, Craftex, Shop Fox, and Grizzly. Visit Sheartac for more details.

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