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The best time of the year!

For woodworkers, Christmas 2021 is coming up fast. Why? There’s always last minute projects to wrap up, and then wrap up!

The best time of the year!

This year consider de-tech’ing Christmas. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned wooden toy! For the little people, imaginary roads, high speed chases and imaginary car crashes are real time fun with real wooden toys.


Wooden toys promote multi-person play too. With more toys, more children play together. Try that with cell phones. The more there are, the less communication there is! Four people at a table; 4 cell phones; no one talking! Little ones with cell phone games are no different!


So what’s involved in making wooden toys? That depends on how fancy you want to get. Wooden toys don’t need to be complicated. That’s what makes them fun! Four 2” wheels, matching axles and a piece of 2 x 2, 10” long makes the best high speed racer there is! Want something more rugged? Shorten it to 5” long. Now it’s a 4 x 4 ready for off-road action.


Of course, there’s nothing more nostalgic than a period built wooden toy. The ’32 coupe is an iconic shape. Want something more modern? How easy is a Beatle to make! Want a challenge? A big rig will keep you busy!


Whatever you choose, little people and big people too will enjoy your creation for years to come.


Workshop Supply stocks a variety of wood parts for your next woodworking project. Visit their web site to see for yourself.

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