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Two new products in the expanding Shaper Tools system

Two new products in the expanding Shaper Tools system

Last month at the International Woodworking Fair, Shaper Tools announced the launch of two new products for the woodworking and fabrication industries: Studio, a simplified design tool for craftspeople and Plate – a universal template and fixture for Shaper Origin.

In 2018, Shaper launched Origin – the world’s first handheld CNC router. Since then, Shaper has been on a path to make precision cutting easy and accessible to craftspeople everywhere. Plate and Studio are the next big steps along that path.

Shaper Studio is a simplified 2D design tool that aims to focus on the features that matter most to craftspeople, short circuiting the path from idea to production, and omitting the unnecessary and confusing features that have crept into one-size-fits-all design software.

Simply put, Studio helps users spend more time building and less time fussing with a computer.

Starting in mid-September, Studio will be available to anyone – not just Shaper Origin owners – looking for this kind of streamlined design tool.

To learn more about Studio, visit

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