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Even very good products can be improved. Oscillating tools are extremely versatile and have been highly successful worldwide thanks to their special oscillating motion. These tools power accessories; for sawing, sanding, scraping or polishing equally well. But they can only perform reliably and economically if the power of the motor is transferred to the accessory to ensure maximum performance. That is why the tool mounting plays a decisive role in ensuring fast cutting speed and precision results. This is where the STARLOCK tool mounting comes into play, firmly locking the accessory into place, ensuring maximum transfer of torque from tool to accessory.

fein starlock

The patented STARLOCK mounting works reliably with oscillating power tools made by FEIN as well as with tools from other manufacturers with twelve-point mounting. The accessories are compatible with most machines on the market. STARLOCK accessories ensure even greater performance than previous systems thanks to their three-dimensional mounting geometry and high-quality components.

  • Easy snap-fit mount
  • Less than 3 seconds to change accessories
  • More power transferred to cutting edge
  • Perfect tool to accessory match
  • Made in Germany
  • Shortened blade offset
  • Less vibration, increased precision
  • Less likely to flex
  • No loose parts
  • Overall performance improvement

FEIN has the most extensive and versatile accessory assortment in the world, and is the only manufacturer to supply more than 180 STARLOCK class accessories. Our unique range perfectly covers the needs of numerous different industries and applications, not just to saw and sand, but also file, cut, polish, rasp, scrape, sharpen, plunge and separate.

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