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WORX Nitro 40V leafjet blower

Charlotte, NC – The new WORX® Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower is the most powerful cordless leaf blower WORX has ever offered. It’s also the most unique because its design drives both air speed and volume with an innovative inline brushless motor. Engineered to perform, this duo-function blower is powered by two new 20V Power Share PRO 4.0Ah batteries to deliver 40V of power.

WORX Nitro 40V leafjet blower

It wasn’t long ago when leaf blower manufacturers touted their features based on speed in miles-per-hour (mph).But today, equally as important, if not more so, is the air volume it generates calculated in cubic feet-per-minute (cfm). The new WORX Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower combines both in design by giving homeowners the option to choose between air speed or high air volume.

“By simply sliding the variable air control nozzle forward or backwards on the Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower, homeowners can select which function works best for their conditions,” said Pete Denley, WORX Senior Product Manager.

The variable-speed dual-function blower with turbo boost has a whopping 620 cfm and an air speed of 165 mph. The new WORX Power Share PRO 20V 4.0Ah features intelligent batteries with cells that are individually wrapped in thermoplastic to dissipate heat, provide impact resistance and maximize power. The Power Share PRO batteries are compatible with more than 75 WORX 20V and 40V lawn and garden, DIY and lifestyle products for convenience and cost efficiency.

The WORX Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower is equipped with an inline brushless motor for enhanced output, performance and dependability. The maintenance-free, brushless motor runs cooler with less friction and heat buildup than conventional motors with brushes, resulting in smooth, reliable operation and extended tool life.

This Leafjet blower looks and functions differently than any other leaf blower on the market. By pressing the orange release-button and sliding the variable air control nozzle forward or backwards, the user can choose between high-speed air (rear) or high-volume air mode (forward position). At a max of 165 mph, high-speed mode dislodges leaves and debris from thick, grassy areas, while the high-volume mode is ideal for hard surfaces or larger areas. Slide the blower tube backwards for speed, utilizing the narrow tube, or slide it forward for greater air volume with the wide-mouth tube.

The lightweight 6.6 lb. blower (with batteries) is well balanced and features sonic turbine fan technology with its high effiency brushless motor. The blower has three speed options, plus a turbo boost button. When the turbo button is held down, the blower drives 620 cfm of air when in high-volume mode. In high-speed mode, the blower delivers 165 mph in turbo.

The blower’s speed control dial is integrated into the blower’s D-shape handle. The handle has a comfortable tactile rubber grip, for maximum comfort and control, even during extended use periods.

The WORX Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower is not just for fall. Use it to remove grass clippings off the sidewalk, walkways and driveway. It also makes quick work of clearing dust, dirt and debris from garage floors. In Snowbelt regions of the country, the Leafjet Blower can be recruited to clear dustings of dry snow from the front steps, driveway and patio.

The Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower includes two 20V 4.0Ah Power Share PRO batteries with charge-level indicators, and a 4-amp dual-port 2 hour battery charger. The Leafjet blower is covered by WORX five-year limited warranty.

The WORX Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower with inline brushless motor (WG585, $349.99) is available at and A bare tool version (WG585.9, $159.99), minus the batteries and charger, also is available at

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