>Build a floating vanity

Build a floating vanity

Vanities don’t have to be overly complex. This... Read more
>Make a custom bathroom vanity

Make a custom bathroom vanity

Build a vanity for your bathroom that looks... Read more
>Build a wall cabinet with a sliding door

Build a wall cabinet with a sliding door

This simple wall cabinet is easy to build,... Read more
>A spoon carver’s toolbox

A spoon carver’s toolbox

It’s important to have a place to store... Read more
>Custom shop cabinet

Custom shop cabinet

Eliminate bench top clutter for good with a... Read more
>Fly-tying chest

Fly-tying chest

If you're a fly fisherman and a woodworker,... Read more
>Japanese-Inspired Shop Storage

Japanese-Inspired Shop Storage

It’s nice to have at least some of... Read more
>Build a pie safe

Build a pie safe

If you’re in need of extra storage space,... Read more
>Heirloom tool cabinet

Heirloom tool cabinet

Sure, you can hang all your tools from... Read more
>Two-Drawer Cabinet

Two-Drawer Cabinet

Whether it’s for protecting our valuable tools and... Read more
>Router bit cabinet

Router bit cabinet

Without them your router is an expensive paperweight,... Read more
>Recycle Centre

Recycle Centre

With stories about landfill sites nearing capacity appearing... Read more
>Tambour Spice Cabinet

Tambour Spice Cabinet

Tambour doors were first employed in France during... Read more
>Versatile Hand Tool Display

Versatile Hand Tool Display

Some tools are best kept tucked away –... Read more
>Tiny toy box

Tiny toy box

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>Hand tool cabinet

Hand tool cabinet

This tool cabinet is a practical, attractive way... Read more
>Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet

The original medicine cabinet was made of wood... Read more
>Display Case

Display Case

Everybody has something that means a great deal... Read more
>Blanket chest

Blanket chest

Here is a project that will give you... Read more
>Chimney cupboard

Chimney cupboard

Chimney cupboards have been with us for hundreds... Read more
>Wine cabinet

Wine cabinet

This wine cabinet was to keep some of... Read more
>Corner cabinet

Corner cabinet

Customize this cabinet to house your smart TV,... Read more
>CD cabinet

CD cabinet

This cabinet stores all of your CD's in... Read more
>Curio cabinet

Curio cabinet

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>Create more storage with this simple wardrobe

Create more storage with this simple wardrobe

Many older homes have extremely small bedroom closets.... Read more
>Computer armoire work centre

Computer armoire work centre

An armoire work center solves many housekeeping problems... Read more