>Teak patio table

Teak patio table

Teak - known for its ability to stand... Read more
>Build a boho table

Build a boho table

This table can be quickly and easily disassembled... Read more
>Build a mid-century coffee table

Build a mid-century coffee table

This refined-looking coffee table would work well in... Read more
>Build a hanging bedside table

Build a hanging bedside table

These elegant nightstands are the ideal companion for... Read more
>Make a bedside table with triangle inlay

Make a bedside table with triangle inlay

A simple bedside table created from a stunning... Read more
>Make a bonsai plant stand

Make a bonsai plant stand

Whether it’s a bonsai plant or another cherished... Read more
>Craft a set of Mission night tables

Craft a set of Mission night tables

Bring the simple, classic look of Mission-style furniture... Read more
>Build an X-base dining table

Build an X-base dining table

Building your own dining table can make those... Read more
>Build a Sapele Deck Box

Build a Sapele Deck Box

With routed mortises and other time-honored joinery, this... Read more
>Continuous Arm Windsor Chair – Part 1

Continuous Arm Windsor Chair – Part 1

An ultimate woodworker’s challenge - to make a... Read more


A simple kitchen table with an interesting visual... Read more
>How to Create an Epoxy River Table Top

How to Create an Epoxy River Table Top

River tables are all the rage these days,... Read more
>Continuous Arm Windsor Chair – Part 2

Continuous Arm Windsor Chair – Part 2

An ultimate woodworker’s challenge - to make a... Read more
>Build a Blanket Box

Build a Blanket Box

Offering much needed bedroom storage space, and a... Read more
>Build a classic coffee table

Build a classic coffee table

A coffee table is a great woodworking project,... Read more
>Build a Side Table with a Floating Top

Build a Side Table with a Floating Top

This simple yet stylish side table is a... Read more
>Build a Modern Desk

Build a Modern Desk

Angled legs add elegance and grace to this... Read more
>Build a Huon Pine ‘Clasp’ Table

Build a Huon Pine ‘Clasp’ Table

Join one of Canada’s most prolific furniture makers... Read more
>Build A Modern Coffee Table

Build A Modern Coffee Table

This mitred coffee table includes clean lines, storage... Read more
>Simple, yet attractive modern bookshelf

Simple, yet attractive modern bookshelf

This quick and easy bookshelf is your answer... Read more
>Build an Elegant End Table

Build an Elegant End Table

Templates and jigs are the key to tackling... Read more
>Colourful kid’s bench

Colourful kid’s bench

This simple yet colourful kid’s bench can be... Read more
>Build a Gorgeous Hall Table

Build a Gorgeous Hall Table

This sleek, modern take on a classic design... Read more
>Build a Charles Rohlfs Rocking Chair

Build a Charles Rohlfs Rocking Chair

This solid and unique rocker will provide many... Read more
>Craft a curved wall cabinet

Craft a curved wall cabinet

With curved sides, and scalloped, coopered panels on... Read more
>Craft a Timeless Rocking Chair

Craft a Timeless Rocking Chair

A rocker is on just about every woodworker’s... Read more
>Japanese-Inspired Cabinet

Japanese-Inspired Cabinet

This cabinet was inspired by the many Torii... Read more
>Learn How to Build a Prairie Table

Learn How to Build a Prairie Table

Jamie Russell shares some know-how that went into... Read more
>Diary of a Novice: Coffee Table

Diary of a Novice: Coffee Table

What follows is a chronicle of my table-building... Read more
>Build a Side Table

Build a Side Table

A table like this is at home in... Read more
>Build a Turned Stool

Build a Turned Stool

A stool is a compact, versatile perch and... Read more
>Build a deacon’s bench

Build a deacon’s bench

A deacon’s bench will provide you with storage... Read more
>From concept to comfort: build a casual chair

From concept to comfort: build a casual chair

Why settle for an “off-the-rack” chair when you... Read more
>Build a bent-laminated lounger

Build a bent-laminated lounger

This customizable lounger might be just the thing... Read more
>Build a Walnut Sideboard

Build a Walnut Sideboard

This walnut sideboard has a simple, modern style... Read more
>Make a Wannigan

Make a Wannigan

Though they were used in years past to... Read more
>Build an Upholstered Foot Stool

Build an Upholstered Foot Stool

This easy-to-make project will teach you some basic... Read more
>Make a Wine Rack Table

Make a Wine Rack Table

This wine rack is great for a smaller... Read more
>Build a cherry night table

Build a cherry night table

Honest, traditional joinery, coupled with a sleek design,... Read more
>Build a Coat Tree

Build a Coat Tree

A simple solution for entryway... Read more
>Build a Safety Stool

Build a Safety Stool

Allow your child to participate in counter-height activities... Read more
>Corner table

Corner table

Learning to build a table with sultry curves... Read more
>Contemporary sideboard

Contemporary sideboard

The combination of heart and sap wood give... Read more
>Dining table

Dining table

Every dining space is unique – learn to... Read more
>Chess Table

Chess Table

Whether looking for competition or an exercise session... Read more
>Grass-Seat Chair

Grass-Seat Chair

Nakashima's style reflects the unadorned beauty of wood... Read more
>Display stand

Display stand

Build this elegant stand to display your favourite... Read more
>Hall Table

Hall Table

Tables of one sort or another are often... Read more
>Arts & Crafts style quilt rack

Arts & Crafts style quilt rack

What could be more comfortable than curling up... Read more
>Small Stickley Table

Small Stickley Table

Small tables are sensible around the house. They... Read more
>Heirloom Dresser

Heirloom Dresser

Building a dresser can be a challenging undertaking,... Read more
>Entertainment Unit

Entertainment Unit

When moving into our first new home my... Read more
>Mission Style Bunk Bed

Mission Style Bunk Bed

Bunk beds make for fabulous sleeping accommodations for... Read more
>Harvest Table

Harvest Table

Build this lovely Craftsman style harvest... Read more
>Wavy Bar Stool

Wavy Bar Stool

This project is comprised of five identical laminations... Read more
>Secretary Desk Part II: Gallery & Finish

Secretary Desk Part II: Gallery & Finish

The gallery of a secretary desk helps keep... Read more
>Mahogany Secretary Desk Part I

Mahogany Secretary Desk Part I

The secretary desk has been a popular piece... Read more
>Kitchen Island Table

Kitchen Island Table

This kitchen island has been designed for smaller... Read more
>Hobbit bed

Hobbit bed

The bed is made from solid ash. The... Read more
>Hidden compartment bookshelf

Hidden compartment bookshelf

Finding a bookshelf to store your treasured collection... Read more
>Accent table

Accent table

This project began when a friend commissioned a... Read more
>Slate top coffee table

Slate top coffee table

The rough texture of slate, combined with the... Read more
>Gaspé dresser

Gaspé dresser

I remember looking up to see my granny... Read more
>Telephone table

Telephone table

This table is essentially a small cabinet held... Read more
>Library table

Library table

This library table, based on a Gustav Stickley... Read more
>Step tansu

Step tansu

Japanese for 'trunk' or 'chest', tansus ranged from... Read more
>Demilune Table

Demilune Table

This table is made out of maple and... Read more
>Buffet & hutch

Buffet & hutch

This is the third project of a three... Read more


Waterbeds have come a long way since they... Read more
>Floating top console

Floating top console

For this ‘floating top’ console, Chico strove for... Read more
>Walking-stick stand

Walking-stick stand

Walking sticks and umbrellas are handy to have... Read more
>Dining room chairs

Dining room chairs

This dining room chair project is the second... Read more
>Oak dining table

Oak dining table

This is the first in a series of... Read more
>Candlestand table

Candlestand table

This well proportioned, small, early 18th century candlestand... Read more
>Coffee table

Coffee table

Coffee table with two large drawers provides lot... Read more
>Unique nesting tables

Unique nesting tables

Nesting tables usually consist of various sized tables... Read more
>Spectator chair

Spectator chair

When playing a relaxing game of pool, it's... Read more
>Deacon’s bench

Deacon’s bench

This red oak Deacon's Bench provides both convenient... Read more
>Children’s table and chairs

Children’s table and chairs

This unique table solves the problem of what... Read more
>Accent table with curved legs

Accent table with curved legs

The organic shape of this accent table is... Read more
>Simple blanket box

Simple blanket box

This smaller version of a blanket box is... Read more
>Sleigh bed

Sleigh bed

This pine sleigh bed is an elegant addition... Read more
>Folding chair

Folding chair

Take your own chair with you when attending... Read more
>Night table

Night table

Use this night table next to your bed... Read more
>Half moon table

Half moon table

This little half moon table is something that... Read more
>Rowboat bookcase

Rowboat bookcase

This shelving unit offers both unusual form and... Read more
>Build this bookcase with your table saw

Build this bookcase with your table saw

If you’re the type of woodworker who doesn’t... Read more
>Desktop organizer

Desktop organizer

Build the ultimate desktop... Read more
>Pedestal table

Pedestal table

Hidden within its unassuming design and construction lies... Read more
>Seven drawer chest

Seven drawer chest

Improve storage space in your child’s bedroom, or... Read more
>Entrance table

Entrance table

What are the first impression visitors get when... Read more
>Back door bench

Back door bench

This is an easy to make bench you... Read more
>Office bookcase

Office bookcase

There’s always a need for extra book storage... Read more
>Plant stand

Plant stand

No matter what the memory, a little project... Read more
>Build a Queen Anne Side Chair

Build a Queen Anne Side Chair

This challenging build will reward you with a... Read more