>Make a tic-tac-toe board

Make a tic-tac-toe board

Playing tic-tac-toe is a fun family game. Making... Read more
>Make a hexagonal box

Make a hexagonal box

Boxes are a lot of fun to make.... Read more
>Make a cat post

Make a cat post

Cats enjoy looking out a window while going... Read more
>Make a recipe box

Make a recipe box

Boxes can be functional and aesthetically pleasing, and... Read more
>Make a rustic coat rack

Make a rustic coat rack

A coat tree is a great way for... Read more
>Build custom beer tap handles

Build custom beer tap handles

With home brewing taking off, and makers getting... Read more
>Build a custom silverware organizer

Build a custom silverware organizer

Every kitchen drawer is unique, as is the... Read more
>Build a step stool

Build a step stool

This step stool can be used for many... Read more
>Wooden gift tags for the holidays

Wooden gift tags for the holidays

The perfect addition to any gift, these customized... Read more
>Make a floating wine bottle holder

Make a floating wine bottle holder

This dining table centerpiece displays the evening’s wine... Read more
>Build a quarto game

Build a quarto game

Easy to learn, yet hard to master, Quarto... Read more
>Create a set of textured ornaments

Create a set of textured ornaments

Bright, eye-catching ornaments make great gifts. This two-piece... Read more
>Make a wood wine box

Make a wood wine box

A great way to serve and preserve wine,... Read more
>Make a fully adjustable table stand

Make a fully adjustable table stand

Finally, a tablet stand that isn’t a pain... Read more
>Make a Treadmill Laptop Desk

Make a Treadmill Laptop Desk

If you work on a laptop for much... Read more
>Make a passive smartphone speaker

Make a passive smartphone speaker

Amp up your music listening experience by making... Read more
>Make a veneered serving tray

Make a veneered serving tray

This stylish serving tray features solid wood handles... Read more
>Make a Beer Caddy

Make a Beer Caddy

Beer makes a great gift. But giving beer... Read more
>Make a scrolled name sign

Make a scrolled name sign

Creating a custom sign is a great way... Read more
>Make a Necklace Stand

Make a Necklace Stand

If there’s a special someone in your life... Read more
>Make a Charcuterie Board with Drawers

Make a Charcuterie Board with Drawers

Sitting down to enjoy delicious food and quality... Read more
>Make an intricate christmas ornament

Make an intricate christmas ornament

This little gem will get people asking, “How... Read more
>Make a Live Edge Cribbage Board

Make a Live Edge Cribbage Board

Cribbage is a great game to play with... Read more
>Make a Kid’s Art Storage Box

Make a Kid’s Art Storage Box

The perfect level of difficulty for a kid’s... Read more
>Tidy up with this firewood box

Tidy up with this firewood box

This project challenges the common belief that you... Read more
>Build a tea-light candle holder

Build a tea-light candle holder

Choose from either an Art Nouveau- or Art... Read more


A Löfftel is a spatula / spoon hybrid... Read more
>Build a nook for your cat

Build a nook for your cat

Rather than have an ugly cardboard box laying... Read more
>Phone charging station

Phone charging station

A simple station will go a long way... Read more
>Super-Simple End Grain Cutting Board

Super-Simple End Grain Cutting Board

End grain cutting boards are not only great... Read more
>Make a Train Coin Bank

Make a Train Coin Bank

This train shaped bank makes a great gift... Read more
>Make a triangle box

Make a triangle box

This visually striking box is simple to make,... Read more
>Build a menu board

Build a menu board

Weekday evenings can be busy. Planning your meals... Read more
>Make a Pizza Peel

Make a Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is a great way to... Read more
>Tea Light Holder with a Planished Copper Reflector

Tea Light Holder with a Planished Copper Reflector

This easy project makes a great present for... Read more
>Build a Box with Diamond Pegged and Bevelled Corners

Build a Box with Diamond Pegged and Bevelled Corners

Bevelled corners are visually very clean, but they... Read more
>Contour Line Wall Art

Contour Line Wall Art

Create this contour line wall art with your... Read more
>Make a Simple Textured Box

Make a Simple Textured Box

These boxes are so easy and fun to... Read more
>Upholster a Simple Cushion

Upholster a Simple Cushion

With only a few items from a fabric... Read more
>Make a Smartphone Case

Make a Smartphone Case

Technology is often shiny and cold to the... Read more
>Bottle Openers: 3 Takes on a Theme

Bottle Openers: 3 Takes on a Theme

There’s nothing like a nice cold one after... Read more
>Open a little library at your home

Open a little library at your home

If you’re looking for a way to get... Read more
>Make a Business Card Holder

Make a Business Card Holder

What better way to show off your woodworking... Read more
>Decorative Fridge Magnets

Decorative Fridge Magnets

These little magnets are quick and easy to... Read more
>Make a Tablet Stand

Make a Tablet Stand

If you have a friend or family member... Read more
>Make a Lily Pad Box

Make a Lily Pad Box

Similar to a bandsaw box, I made this... Read more
>Make a Set of Inlaid Earrings

Make a Set of Inlaid Earrings

A plow plane is not that hard to... Read more
>The Chessboard Cheeseboard

The Chessboard Cheeseboard

Forget about perfecting your hand-cut dovetails, three-way mitre... Read more
>Make a Simple Box with Inlay Using Hand Tools

Make a Simple Box with Inlay Using Hand Tools

Many of the techniques used to make this... Read more
>Treasures and trinkets

Treasures and trinkets

This sleek, modern design goes well just about... Read more
>Box of many curves

Box of many curves

Curves make this box stand out. They also... Read more
>Build a Mandolin Holder

Build a Mandolin Holder

This holder will keep your mandolin accessible, while... Read more
>Build a Timeless Jewellery Box

Build a Timeless Jewellery Box

Even if you’re not addicted to jewellery, you... Read more
>Make a Knife Block

Make a Knife Block

This challenging project will get lots of use... Read more
>Make a Simple Vase

Make a Simple Vase

This simple vase is easy to make and... Read more
>Make a sushi geta

Make a sushi geta

This is a perfect project to increase your... Read more
>Fancy Business Card Cases

Fancy Business Card Cases

Make these fancy card-holders – by the dozen... Read more
>Build a textured tealight holder

Build a textured tealight holder

This is the perfect project to introduce yourself... Read more
>Build Your Own Picture Frames

Build Your Own Picture Frames

Rather than buy the same, standard picture frames... Read more
>Make a door harp

Make a door harp

Provide a musical welcome for you and your... Read more


This project will not only be a great... Read more
>Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

The Gift That Keeps On... Read more
>Garden Dibbler

Garden Dibbler

Autumn is the perfect time to get outside... Read more
>Make A Veneered Tabletop Tray

Make A Veneered Tabletop Tray

There are times when you need to elevate... Read more
>Creating a Bandsaw Box

Creating a Bandsaw Box

This style of box, with its curves and... Read more
>Make Your Own Skateboard

Make Your Own Skateboard

Getting kids into the shop to work on... Read more
>Hot Pipe Bent Salad Tongs

Hot Pipe Bent Salad Tongs

Bending wood is one of the most exciting... Read more
>Recipe Box

Recipe Box

Explore the world of box-making with this easy-to-build... Read more
>Tall Case Clock

Tall Case Clock

Exquisite materials and a stylish design come together... Read more
>Build an Electric Guitar – Part 2

Build an Electric Guitar – Part 2

In this second of a two-part series, we... Read more
>Build an Electric Guitar – Without the Fancy Tools

Build an Electric Guitar – Without the Fancy Tools

If you’ve ever thought of building an electric... Read more
>Foot Stool

Foot Stool

Have fun with your child building this ideal... Read more
>Walnut mailbox

Walnut mailbox

For those of you who are lucky enough... Read more


This counter-top breadbox will make a fine addition... Read more
>Inlaid Cutting Board

Inlaid Cutting Board

The attention to detail on this cutting board... Read more


This hand-made set of chopsticks will make a... Read more
>Build a Message Board

Build a Message Board

This handy chalkboard will help to ensure that... Read more
>Mantel clock

Mantel clock

Brighten up a fireplace mantel, hall table, night... Read more
>Cake Knife

Cake Knife

This knife, with its customized inlay, makes a... Read more
>Shaker Bentwood Box

Shaker Bentwood Box

The Shaker tradition of simplicity in design continues... Read more
>Childhood Memory Box

Childhood Memory Box

Children love playing with messy, gooey things and... Read more
>Pocket Business Card Holder

Pocket Business Card Holder

If you sell the woodworking products that you... Read more
>Custom Designed Ear Jewellery

Custom Designed Ear Jewellery

Stretching ear lobes (and other body parts) has... Read more
>Oriental Style Display Stand

Oriental Style Display Stand

This Oriental style stand looks just as good... Read more
>Maple Knife Block

Maple Knife Block

This handy knife block keeps your knives organized,... Read more
>Floor Clock

Floor Clock

Our youngest daughter married last year and moved... Read more
>Cane Saw

Cane Saw

While canes (or walking sticks) aren’t as trendy... Read more
>Video Game Holder

Video Game Holder

Here is an easy to build and smart... Read more
>Porcupine Toothpick Holder

Porcupine Toothpick Holder

Sharpen your carving skills with this fun, little... Read more
>Sierra Wooden Pen

Sierra Wooden Pen

Regardless of what the computer manufacturers say, handwriting... Read more
>Wine Rack with Serving Tray

Wine Rack with Serving Tray

This simple to build wine rack will store... Read more
>Ebony Inlay Cherry Box

Ebony Inlay Cherry Box

I designed this cherry box with an ebony... Read more
>Step Stool

Step Stool

Get a step up on things with this... Read more
>Shaker wall clock

Shaker wall clock

This Shaker wall clock is based on a... Read more
>Arts & Crafts hat and coat shelf

Arts & Crafts hat and coat shelf

This hat and coat shelf has clean lines... Read more
>Fishing rod stand

Fishing rod stand

If the thought of going fishing brings to... Read more
>Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Deck

Here's a chance to try something a little... Read more
>Inlaid Jewellery Box

Inlaid Jewellery Box

A finely handmade gift is itself a statement,... Read more


Kids love chalkboards, and the bigger the better.... Read more
>Companion cremation urn

Companion cremation urn

This urn consists of three parts: the lid,... Read more
>Liar’s dice game box

Liar’s dice game box

Having friends and family over means time for... Read more
>Spice rack

Spice rack

This simple spice rack keeps your spices close... Read more
>Patio tray

Patio tray

This simple tray will make outdoor meals much... Read more


These coasters, both functional and decorative, provide a... Read more
>Cutting board

Cutting board

This cutting board, with the end grain showing... Read more
>Desk clock

Desk clock

Scroll Saw... Read more
>Banksia nut candle holders

Banksia nut candle holders

This traditional turned candlestick project has a bit... Read more
>Bedside box

Bedside box

Here is a simple, stylish box that will... Read more
>Desk top organizer

Desk top organizer

Keep your papers organized with this easy-to-build... Read more
>Two-drawer freeform bandsaw box

Two-drawer freeform bandsaw box

Band sawn boxes can be as easy, or... Read more
>Sports frame

Sports frame

This photo frame is just the thing to... Read more
>Pickett shelf

Pickett shelf

This project is easy to build and just... Read more
>Tea box

Tea box

I make a variety of different boxes, each... Read more
>Mirror frame

Mirror frame

As an Intarsia project it is fairly straightforward.... Read more
>Potato bin

Potato bin

Here is a handy bin for storing potatoes,... Read more
>Coat hanger mirror

Coat hanger mirror

If you have ever rushed out of the... Read more
>Picture frames

Picture frames

This article leads you through the process of... Read more
>Wooden wheel

Wooden wheel

People love the look of old-style wooden wheels,... Read more
>Pet urn

Pet urn

A wooden casket is a wonderful way to... Read more
>Freeform bandsawn box

Freeform bandsawn box

Boxes don’t always have to be rectangular and... Read more
>Incense holder

Incense holder

An incense holder is also a great way... Read more


This bookstand frees up valuable space on the... Read more
>Butterfly earrings

Butterfly earrings

These earrings fit the bill, providing not only... Read more
>CD holder

CD holder

Keep your favourite CDs right next to your... Read more
>Easy-to-make mantel clock

Easy-to-make mantel clock

This easy-to-make clock uses wooden molding to add... Read more
>Candle stand

Candle stand

This is a functional, easy-to-build... Read more
>Two-sided picture frame

Two-sided picture frame

Although not obvious at first, this is a... Read more
>Hall hooks

Hall hooks

Around our house, the coming of winter is... Read more
>Mailbox with scroll sawn house number

Mailbox with scroll sawn house number

Even if you are in a community that... Read more
>Display ladder

Display ladder

There’s something nostalgic about an old wooden... Read more
>Intarsia clock

Intarsia clock

The entire project can be built in an... Read more
>The saw tie

The saw tie

Every well-dressed woodworker should have a wooden tie.... Read more
>Buddy bench

Buddy bench

This “catchy” child’s bench is the perfect place... Read more