>Teak patio table

Teak patio table

Teak - known for its ability to stand... Read more
>Build a cedar planter bench

Build a cedar planter bench

This planter bench will offer a seat to... Read more
>Build a backyard play structure

Build a backyard play structure

Nothing says fun for kids like a swing,... Read more
>Build a Sapele Deck Box

Build a Sapele Deck Box

With routed mortises and other time-honored joinery, this... Read more
>Build a Hexagonal Planter

Build a Hexagonal Planter

Building projects for the great outdoors is always... Read more
>Build a catio – an outdoor enclosure for cats

Build a catio – an outdoor enclosure for cats

If you have indoor cats, treat them to... Read more
>Build a Round Hammock

Build a Round Hammock

If you're after a unique place to lounge... Read more
>Build a planter box

Build a planter box

These solid-looking planter boxes can be custom sized... Read more
>Build a Backyard Firewood Holder

Build a Backyard Firewood Holder

If you use a wood burning stove to... Read more
>Build a patio harvest table

Build a patio harvest table

There’s something about the simplicity of a table,... Read more
>Garden shed – from concept to completion

Garden shed – from concept to completion

This versatile addition is a personalized sanctuary, storage... Read more
>Add A Sliding Seat To Your Canoe

Add A Sliding Seat To Your Canoe

Add the comfort of an adjustable seat to... Read more
>Build a Grill House

Build a Grill House

Anyone who loves to BBQ, and lives in... Read more
>Make a Twig Trellis

Make a Twig Trellis

Toss your tape measure, store your square. This... Read more
>Birdhouse Dimensions

Birdhouse Dimensions

Looking to build a birdhouse? Here are the... Read more
>Build a Gate

Build a Gate

This stylish gate, with contrasting glass panel, will... Read more
>Make a Hexagonal Tree Bench

Make a Hexagonal Tree Bench

There is no better way to enjoy your... Read more
>Build a Bat House

Build a Bat House

Bats are unrivaled for controlling pests like mosquitoes... Read more
>Building a Custom Wood Fence

Building a Custom Wood Fence

Fencing can have a dramatic impact on the... Read more
>Make a children’s sleigh

Make a children’s sleigh

Rather than spend another Canadian winter waiting for... Read more
>Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

Spruce up your yard with this great looking... Read more
>Inlaid Flower Box

Inlaid Flower Box

When the weather turns cold, you can still... Read more
>Bird feeder

Bird feeder

Liven up your backyard with this hand-made cedar... Read more
>Cedar garden bench

Cedar garden bench

This garden bench will make a wonderful place... Read more
>English Garden Bench

English Garden Bench

This classic English style garden bench is a... Read more
>Wall Planter

Wall Planter

This attractive planter can spruce up any wall.... Read more
>Garden Bench

Garden Bench

Every garden needs a garden bench – a... Read more
>Housing for the Birds

Housing for the Birds

Make one or more of these simple bird... Read more
>Cedar Potting Bench

Cedar Potting Bench

Make gardening easier with this easy-to-build weekend... Read more
>Planter box

Planter box

Your patio is something to be enjoyed each... Read more
>Display cart

Display cart

This is a great cart to display anything... Read more
>Outdoor storage bench

Outdoor storage bench

This multi-use storage bench may be a partial... Read more
>Serving cart

Serving cart

This cart provides ample room to place your... Read more
>Folding chair

Folding chair

Take your own chair with you when attending... Read more
>Outdoor dining set

Outdoor dining set

This is an easy-to-build dining set that’s sturdy... Read more
>Classic garden bench

Classic garden bench

This garden bench is truly a North American... Read more