>Minimalist workbench

Minimalist workbench

This small, robust workbench is ideal for hand... Read more
>Build a bench-on-bench

Build a bench-on-bench

This versatile, handy workbench addition will bring your... Read more
>Ceiling-Mounted Adjustable Table Saw Guard

Ceiling-Mounted Adjustable Table Saw Guard

This inexpensive, relatively easy to make table saw... Read more
>Build a Removable Outfeed Table

Build a Removable Outfeed Table

Improve your band saw’s ability to machine long... Read more
>Build a Temporary Mitre Saw Stand

Build a Temporary Mitre Saw Stand

When trimming a reno site, I needed a... Read more
>Build a Triple Router Table

Build a Triple Router Table

Router tables are useful tools to have around,... Read more
>Build a tall vise

Build a tall vise

Raising a small- to medium-sized workpiece that you're... Read more
>Zero Clearance Inserts

Zero Clearance Inserts

A zero clearance insert is easy to make... Read more
>Build a clamp rack

Build a clamp rack

All shops have their organizational challenges, and there... Read more
>Multi-function worktable: build the ultimate work surface

Multi-function worktable: build the ultimate work surface

Every workshop needs somewhere to machine joinery, sand... Read more
>Sawhorse – How to Build a Silent Partner

Sawhorse – How to Build a Silent Partner

We don’t have to tell you how handy... Read more
>Build a Knock-Down Finishing Rack

Build a Knock-Down Finishing Rack

This simple rack is easy to make, and... Read more
>Spray Booth for Small Shops

Spray Booth for Small Shops

Simple, lightweight and functional, this shop-made spray booth... Read more
>The Ultimate Router Table Revisited

The Ultimate Router Table Revisited

This router table was built 20 years ago... Read more
>Rolling Clamp Storage

Rolling Clamp Storage

Every woodworker loves clamps, but how should they... Read more
>Build a Shop Library

Build a Shop Library

No woodworker knows everything. Whether it’s technical information,... Read more
>Build a Drill Charging Station

Build a Drill Charging Station

This custom-made rack will store your drills for... Read more
>A Different Spin on Storage

A Different Spin on Storage

Need more shop storage? This rotating rack can... Read more
>Make a Set of Clamping Cauls

Make a Set of Clamping Cauls

This simple project will go a long way... Read more
>Auxiliary Drill Press Table

Auxiliary Drill Press Table

Adding an auxiliary table to expand the work... Read more
>Saw Blade Holder

Saw Blade Holder

This blade holder will not only protect your... Read more
>Rolling Shop Storage

Rolling Shop Storage

These rolling storage cabinets will help out in... Read more
>Pint-sized workbench

Pint-sized workbench

Build this super-sturdy, efficient workbench for your small... Read more
>Hinged Storage Panels

Hinged Storage Panels

Using wall space efficiently plays a key role... Read more
>Build a Moxon Vise

Build a Moxon Vise

This little bench top-helper will lend a hand... Read more
>Sandpaper Storage Shelf

Sandpaper Storage Shelf

Organize all your sandpaper and get some practice... Read more
>Panel Mitre Sled

Panel Mitre Sled

This handy sled will help make mitres and... Read more
>Streamlined workbench

Streamlined workbench

A good workbench is one of the most... Read more
>Height Adjuster

Height Adjuster

This jig will enable you to make precise... Read more
>Ultimate Router Fence

Ultimate Router Fence

Build this rock solid fence to handle any... Read more
>Saw Blade Storage Box

Saw Blade Storage Box

This saw blade storage box (aka 'the box')... Read more
>Portable Spray Booth

Portable Spray Booth

Hand rubbed oil and wax finishes are justifiably... Read more
>Router Work Station

Router Work Station

Without a doubt, the router is one of... Read more
>Tool tote

Tool tote

This classic wooden tool tote is a great... Read more
>Shaker workbench

Shaker workbench

A fundamental tool in many woodshops is the... Read more
>Easy build tool tote

Easy build tool tote

This toolbox tote is easy to build and... Read more
>Oak plywood hand tool cabinet

Oak plywood hand tool cabinet

Whatever your needs, this safe, accessible, and relatively... Read more
>Rolling shop cart

Rolling shop cart

This rolling shop cart has become a 'must... Read more
>Low cost storage

Low cost storage

Most woodworkers could use a little help in... Read more
>Mini lathe bench and cabinet

Mini lathe bench and cabinet

With the prices of mini lathes plunging from... Read more
>Lumber rack

Lumber rack

I needed an inexpensive way to store rough... Read more
>Dado storage box

Dado storage box

This sturdy storage box will keep your blades,... Read more