>The Humble Hammer

The Humble Hammer

This ancient tool is just as crucial to... Read more
>Make a Depth Gauge

Make a Depth Gauge

For most of us, measuring depth is just... Read more
>Make a Wood Hand Plane in an Afternoon

Make a Wood Hand Plane in an Afternoon

Wooden planes offer flexibility that is unmatched by... Read more
>Make a Scratch Stock

Make a Scratch Stock

This shop-made tool will help you customize small... Read more
>Make a Set of Cam Clamps

Make a Set of Cam Clamps

Easy and inexpensive to make, these quickly adjusting... Read more
>Make Your Own Bow Saw

Make Your Own Bow Saw

This traditional bow saw is great for many... Read more
>Making a Wooden Smoothing Plane

Making a Wooden Smoothing Plane

Making your own plane is a great shop... Read more
>Mortising Mallet

Mortising Mallet

You’ll make quick work of chopping mortises with... Read more
>Traditional Hook Knife

Traditional Hook Knife

Hook, crooked or bent - whatever you like... Read more


This is an easy and enjoyable project to... Read more
>Marking gauge

Marking gauge

This marking gauge is handy to have at... Read more
>Krenov Style Hand Plane

Krenov Style Hand Plane

This Krenov style plane, named after James Krenov,... Read more
>Layout Squares

Layout Squares

You won’t realize how useful these squares can... Read more
>Build your own drum sander

Build your own drum sander

It is small and light, can be bolted... Read more
>Marking knife

Marking knife

The Marking Knife is one tool that will... Read more
>Measuring gauge

Measuring gauge

Use this gauge for measuring the depth of... Read more