>Turning a tulip

Turning a tulip

With a few offcuts, a few dollar store... Read more
>Turn a lidded chalice

Turn a lidded chalice

A lidded chalice is an interesting switch in... Read more
>Turn a Pencil Crayon Pen

Turn a Pencil Crayon Pen

You may have seen these turned pens made... Read more
>Carve a curvy spoon

Carve a curvy spoon

Great for measuring ground coffee or mixing up... Read more
>Carving a Simple Spoon

Carving a Simple Spoon

Using this straightforward approach and a few basic... Read more


A Löfftel is a spatula / spoon hybrid... Read more
>Turn a Sunrise Bowl

Turn a Sunrise Bowl

Adding some contrasting, figured wood to a piece... Read more
>Build a Turned Wave Platter

Build a Turned Wave Platter

Use your lathe to turn an offset platter... Read more
>Turn an Open-Backed Clock

Turn an Open-Backed Clock

This fun and functional project can be made... Read more
>Turn a Four-Sided Hollow Vessel

Turn a Four-Sided Hollow Vessel

If you want to take your hollow turning... Read more
>Power Carve a Serving Dish

Power Carve a Serving Dish

Power carving is a woodworking technique that not... Read more
>Turn a Salad Bowl with a Textured Band

Turn a Salad Bowl with a Textured Band

A large salad bowl is one of the... Read more
>Ruffled Bowl

Ruffled Bowl

If a stunning centerpiece, or a unique gift,... Read more
>Turn an Eccentric Pedestal Bowl

Turn an Eccentric Pedestal Bowl

Follow the steps properly and you will open... Read more
>Turn Some Spin Tops

Turn Some Spin Tops

Turning spin tops is easy, highly productive and... Read more
>Carving a Haida-Influenced Panel

Carving a Haida-Influenced Panel

With a nice design, some sharp tools and... Read more
>Making Turned Boxes

Making Turned Boxes

The great thing about box making is that... Read more
>Turn a Saueracker Shell

Turn a Saueracker Shell

This is one of those turning projects that... Read more
>Turn a Corkscrew and Bottle Stopper Combo

Turn a Corkscrew and Bottle Stopper Combo

If you like wine and pizza, this turning... Read more
>Artisan rolling pin

Artisan rolling pin

This project includes a versatile stand that lets... Read more
>Turn a Christmas ornament

Turn a Christmas ornament

Christmas ornaments are fun projects that can be... Read more
>A Split-Turned Rocking Vessel

A Split-Turned Rocking Vessel

These eye-catching rocking vessels are fun to make... Read more
>Garden Dibbler

Garden Dibbler

Autumn is the perfect time to get outside... Read more
>Inside-Outside Ornament

Inside-Outside Ornament

You don’t have to tell your guests this... Read more
>Turning a Fruit Platter

Turning a Fruit Platter

With proper planning and wood selection, you’re set... Read more
>Expandable Bracelet

Expandable Bracelet

Turn one of these beautiful bracelets for a... Read more
>Turning a Pen

Turning a Pen

Inspired to create some sawdust but want something... Read more
>Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament

Turn this heirloom-quality Christmas ornament for someone special... Read more
>Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

People love to hold on to little items... Read more
>Honey Dipper

Honey Dipper

Make your honey more accessible and less messy... Read more
>Lidded Jewellery Box

Lidded Jewellery Box

One of the most popular items to make... Read more
>Laminated Ring Stand

Laminated Ring Stand

A ring stand is the perfect gift idea... Read more


The Laurentians is a vast region of Quebec... Read more
>Cherry Serving Tray

Cherry Serving Tray

A serving tray is a great way to... Read more
>Wedding Goblet

Wedding Goblet

This goblet with its two captive rings on... Read more
>Chess Set – Part 3

Chess Set – Part 3

In this final article Bruce shows you how... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more
>Chess Set – Part 2

Chess Set – Part 2

Last issue, Bruce talked about using traditional ring... Read more
>Chess Set – Part 1

Chess Set – Part 1

Chess is one of the world’s most popular... Read more
>Key Holder

Key Holder

Give anybody a knife and a piece of... Read more
>Leaping Trout

Leaping Trout

This is an enjoyable intarsia project that uses... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw... Read more
>Custom Tool Handle

Custom Tool Handle

Making a new tool handle is an enjoyable... Read more
>Rustic Log Candle Stand

Rustic Log Candle Stand

This candle stand is quite unique, with the... Read more
>Segmented butterfly

Segmented butterfly

Intarsia and segmentation – two words often synonymous... Read more
>St. John’s

St. John’s

Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns: St.... Read more


One of the most distinctive bird calls is... Read more
>Plumb Bob

Plumb Bob

Although there are many different styles of plumb... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more
>Ladybug Fridge Magnet

Ladybug Fridge Magnet

Carving this ladybug is simply a matter of... Read more


This turned mallet uses purple heart for the... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more
>Carving Bench

Carving Bench

The only way to effectively carve, while standing,... Read more
>Decorative Leaf

Decorative Leaf

Imagine a beautiful marquetry design on a table... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more
>Haida Inspired Whale Mirror

Haida Inspired Whale Mirror

This piece is actually my interpretation of the... Read more
>Quebec City

Quebec City

Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns: Quebec... Read more
>Hanging Hanky

Hanging Hanky

To practice carving folds, there is no better... Read more
>Miniature Clock

Miniature Clock

I like to give gifts that are hand... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more
>Exotic wood dusting brush

Exotic wood dusting brush

This handy brush is great for getting at... Read more
>Candle holders

Candle holders

In this article I describe turning a piece... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more
>The Bluenose

The Bluenose

Canada's Bluenose was a positively magnificent ship and... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more
>Ring stand

Ring stand

This is an easy project that is a... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more
>Lidded antler bowl

Lidded antler bowl

The piece is actually comprised of a few... Read more
>Cartoon caricature

Cartoon caricature

Carving for fun is a great way to... Read more
>Napkin holder

Napkin holder

While this article is written primarily for novice... Read more


Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns:... Read more


Many of us are not that fascinated with... Read more
>Relief carving

Relief carving

Relief carving is the use of perspective, highlights,... Read more
>Shipswheel nutcracker

Shipswheel nutcracker

This is a great project to use as... Read more
>Ball box

Ball box

This ‘ball box’ offers an excellent opportunity to... Read more
>Decorative owl

Decorative owl

Because of its many round masses of feathers,... Read more
>Travel mirror

Travel mirror

Sometimes you just need a quick look in... Read more
>Canada goose

Canada goose

This project - carving a Canada Goose with... Read more
>Sports frame

Sports frame

This photo frame is just the thing to... Read more
>Mystery coin capsule

Mystery coin capsule

When this project is complete, the turned piece... Read more


Turners often look at old logs and broken... Read more
>Natural edge hollow vessels

Natural edge hollow vessels

Turning a natural edge hollow is no different... Read more
>Fireplace screen

Fireplace screen

Build a gorgeous wooden fireplace screen to liven... Read more
>Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament

These turned decorative balls are a big... Read more
>Tri-coloured inlay bud vase

Tri-coloured inlay bud vase

This vase, inlaid with three different types of... Read more
>Caricature carving

Caricature carving

Here is a great little project for you... Read more
>Magic wands

Magic wands

The magic is in the making of these... Read more
>Ship’s wheel

Ship’s wheel

You may not have a ship to call... Read more
>Kitchen scoop

Kitchen scoop

Scoops were used many years ago for all... Read more
>Daisy carving

Daisy carving

With a handful of tools and your imagination,... Read more
>Dragon intarsia

Dragon intarsia

This dragon (fierce as it is) is a... Read more
>Napkin rings and stand

Napkin rings and stand

These napkin rings and stand make an attractive... Read more
>Textured bowl

Textured bowl

This is a fairly plain, semi-shallow bowl. However,... Read more
>His & hers lighthouse

His & hers lighthouse

This is a fairly simple Intarsia project that... Read more
>Glorious and free

Glorious and free

Canadians as a rule don’t do a lot... Read more
>Pen stand

Pen stand

Tired of patting all those papers on your... Read more
>Captive ring rattle

Captive ring rattle

This form of turned rattle has been around,... Read more
>Dandy daisy

Dandy daisy

This is a very attractive and popular project... Read more
>Puttin’ on the ritz

Puttin’ on the ritz

This Koala bear is looking every bit the... Read more
>Square dish

Square dish

Most people think of bowls as being round.... Read more
>Lamp pulls

Lamp pulls

Most ceiling fans, and many lamps, come with... Read more
>Circus elephant

Circus elephant

Everyone loves a circus, especially when the elephants... Read more
>Lucky the clown

Lucky the clown

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, allow... Read more
>Canada’s historic schooner Bluenose

Canada’s historic schooner Bluenose

Create your own tribute to the historic Bluenose... Read more
>Two earrings, one turning

Two earrings, one turning

These earrings are turned as one piece, then... Read more


Although this is a 3D intarsia, like any... Read more
>Fat car

Fat car

This is a basic intarsia project that uses... Read more
>Humpbacked whales

Humpbacked whales

A great advantage of 3D intarsia is that... Read more
>Fat truck

Fat truck

I have a habit of doodling in my... Read more
>Spanish olive hollow vessel

Spanish olive hollow vessel

The body of this piece is turned from... Read more
>Haida-inspired eagle

Haida-inspired eagle

I have always admired the art of the... Read more
>Ornament display stand

Ornament display stand

This easy project can make a nice table... Read more
>Doughnut chuck

Doughnut chuck

The first thing that many woodturners do when... Read more
>Hanging flower vase

Hanging flower vase

This little project can be done with minimal... Read more
>Tropical fish

Tropical fish

This tropical fish is a good way to... Read more
>Fisherman’s dory

Fisherman’s dory

I tried to get as much perspective into... Read more
>Burl platter

Burl platter

We show you hot to turn a shallow,... Read more
>15-minute sand timer

15-minute sand timer

This 15-minute sand timer incorporates a little faceplate... Read more


This project is a fairly simple one and... Read more
>Four centre vase

Four centre vase

Don’t let the title of this project frighten... Read more
>Polar bear

Polar bear

This project is fairly easy and straight... Read more
>Tiger lily

Tiger lily

This project has some raising and lowering as... Read more