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Korean inspired sliding doors

Korean inspired sliding doors

Maker: Pierre Labrie

Location: Quebec

These doors are made of birch, assembled with lap joints, tenon and mortise and glue. The finish is tung oil and the back is polyester textile. I made jigs for the repetitive cuts of the small parts.

Submitted: February 2021

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  1. Hello Pierre,

    I am interested in your product – Korean Inspired Sliding door. We have a wall that we are building that will be 22′ long and 9′ high. We would like to place this sliding door in the middle, ideally 7.5′-8′ high and have each sliding door 5′ wide. This would give us a 10′ opening when the doors are open and 2′ on each side to play with. 2nd option would be to make then 5.5′ wide allowing is to have 11′ of maximum space to enter in and out. Is this something you can produce and would these be too big to hang?

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