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Author: Rob Brown
Published: October November 2012
Jeff Freund
Jeff Freund

Thousands of students attend a woodworking class or school each year. Some have no experience whatsoever before enrolling, while others are quite familiar with the tools and techniques used to create furniture. Here is a small taste of the kind of work they are completing while studying.

Jeff Freund, Conestoga College

“Walnut Sideboard”
Black walnut
“I was inspired by a design by Paul Harrell. I wanted a project that would showcase my skills and involved curved elements, veneering and traditional joinery.” (Photo by Antonia Goga)

Jeff Freund


Peter Freeman, Inside Passage

Catalpa, myrtle, gary oak, locus, horse chestnut, brass, shellac and wax
(Photo by Ingeborg Suzanne)

Peter Freeman

Marcel Daigneault, Conestoga College

“Liquor Cabinet”
Black walnut, maple, quilted maple veneer, Danish oil and bee’s wax
“I was inspired by prohibition style liquor cabinets where the cabinet was used to conceal the contents inside. Using Michael Fortune’s laminated door technique, the doors were created using a form in the vacuum press. The cabinet is finished with Danish oil and bee’s wax.” (Photo by Antonia Goga)

Marcel Daigneault

Joshua Edwards, from Inside Passage

“JK Silverchatull”
Spalted maple, birdseye and curly maple, basswood, shellac and wax
(Photo by Ingeborg Suzanne)

Joshua Edwards

Tomas Rojcik

“Table and Chair”.
Hard Maple, rapid-prototyped acrylic joints, water based lacquer.
(Photo by Tomas Rojcik)

Tomas Rojcik

Melissa Moure Evans, Inside Passage

“Vidars Chair”
Kwila, oil finish and Danish cord
(Photo by Ingeborg Suzanne)

Melissa Moure Evans

Roch Laviolette, Rosewood Studio

“Round Sabre Leg Table”
Walnut, European pear and primavera.
(Photo by Ron Barter)

Roch Laviolette

Chris Charuk

“Rocking Chair”
Hard Maple, water based lacquer
(Photo by Chris Charuk)

Chris Charuk

Roberto Telo Sato, Rosewood Studio

“Nightstand with Drawer”
Cherry and birdseye maple.
(Photo by Ron Barter)

Roberto Telo Sato

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