Design Details

>Digital Design Tools

Digital Design Tools

How computer aided design (CAD) tools can help you in... Read more
>Referent-based design

Referent-based design

How is it that we learn to create? Is it... Read more
>Designing and Building the Lounge Chair No. 3

Designing and Building the Lounge Chair No. 3

Through passion, determination and preparation, Nova Scotia designer / maker... Read more
>Lute of illusions

Lute of illusions

The original Bosch Lute was made in the 1500s. There... Read more
>Carved maple leaf doors

Carved maple leaf doors

Removing some material to create textured maple leaves on solid... Read more
>Optical illusions in wood

Optical illusions in wood

The only gift more fascinating than a custom-made cutting board... Read more
>Coopered doors

Coopered doors

A coopered door is simply one that is curved: concave,... Read more
>Designing a ‘whale’ of a desk

Designing a ‘whale’ of a desk

One of Canada’s most skilled furniture makers gathers inspiration for... Read more
>14 practical steps to designing furniture

14 practical steps to designing furniture

Use these steps to help you design furniture that is... Read more
>Seven fundamentals of good design

Seven fundamentals of good design

Design principles, their definitions and how they relate to furniture... Read more
>Outside the Box

Outside the Box

While there’s a place for simple and straightforward, these artists... Read more
>Designing a Hall Table

Designing a Hall Table

There are so many things you can learn from past... Read more
>Going Against the Grain

Going Against the Grain

If you’re working with veneered panels, you’re free to inlay... Read more
>Pierced carving

Pierced carving

Add texture and visual interest to your next project with... Read more
>Inlaying Silver Poppies

Inlaying Silver Poppies

It’s rare for a piece of furniture to evoke thoughts... Read more
>The Three-Way Mitre

The Three-Way Mitre

This classic Chinese joint is a fantastic way to add... Read more
>Painting with wood: knife cutting marquetry basics

Painting with wood: knife cutting marquetry basics

There’s no better way to add style and originality to... Read more
>Stone Age Joinery

Stone Age Joinery

Some projects call for a whole new approach when it... Read more
>Making compound curves

Making compound curves

An accurately made form and a healthy dose of planning... Read more
>Inspired by Icicles

Inspired by Icicles

Learn the secrets to making this unique hall table... Read more
>Harmonious grain

Harmonious grain

Sometimes paying a little extra attention to the grain patterns... Read more
>Project Design

Project Design

Building furniture of your own design can be a very... Read more
>3D Models: save time and money

3D Models: save time and money

Models, also known as maquettes, are one of the most... Read more
>The golden rectangle

The golden rectangle

The golden rectangle, or in its three-dimensional counterpart, the golden... Read more
>Drawing curves

Drawing curves

Curves can soften the look of a piece of furniture... Read more
>Frame and panel design

Frame and panel design

In this article we cover how wood science affects doors,... Read more
>Table tops and wood movement

Table tops and wood movement

We look at why table tops split, crack and warp... Read more