Wood Finishing

>Finishing Touch: exterior painting essentials

Finishing Touch: exterior painting essentials

A fresh coat of paint is an economical way to... Read more
>Sand by hand

Sand by hand

Random orbit sanders have improved greatly over the years. They’re... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Shellac – a no-fuss finish

Finishing Touch: Shellac – a no-fuss finish

Easy to use, clean up and repair, it’s also fast... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Wax finishes

Finishing Touch: Wax finishes

Finish your finish with a wax topcoat for a soft... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Film finishes

Finishing Touch: Film finishes

When versatility and durability are of paramount importance, you won’t... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Finishing isn’t an afterthought

Finishing Touch: Finishing isn’t an afterthought

For novice woodworkers, learning about wood finishes and how to... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Penetrating oil finishes

Finishing Touch: Penetrating oil finishes

Ease of application, lack of film build-up, a beautiful satin... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Waterborne finishes

Finishing Touch: Waterborne finishes

Waterborne finishes have improved quite a bit over the past... Read more
>Putty and fillers

Putty and fillers

While both can be used to repair defects in wood,... Read more
>How to choose a finish

How to choose a finish

Read about some of the main considerations when choosing a... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Brush on – the right way

Finishing Touch: Brush on – the right way

You can get beautiful results applying film finishes. But, to... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Shop made finishes

Finishing Touch: Shop made finishes

Make your own finish without the thick build-up common to... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Hardwax oil

Finishing Touch: Hardwax oil

If you're looking for a no-fuss, easy-to-maintain, high-quality finish, hardwax... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Dye stains

Finishing Touch: Dye stains

Dyes can open up a whole new world for coloring... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Staining

Finishing Touch: Staining

Don’t listen to the naysayers. Staining can be an easy,... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Thinning finishes

Finishing Touch: Thinning finishes

Let’s clear up some of the issues around thinning common... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Pore fillers

Finishing Touch: Pore fillers

To get a glass-smooth, highly reflective finish on open-grained wood,... Read more
>What finish should you choose?

What finish should you choose?

Have you ever wondered, what type of finish will give... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Hand sanding

Finishing Touch: Hand sanding

Sanding by hand is a simple enough technique, but one... Read more
>Finishing Touch: sandpaper

Finishing Touch: sandpaper

A great finish starts with proper sandpaper... Read more
>Healthy clear coatings

Healthy clear coatings

We woodworkers cover a lot of project styles and applications;... Read more
>Finishing Touch: Introduction to wood finishing

Finishing Touch: Introduction to wood finishing

Join us as we delve into the challenging, and often... Read more
>Soap Flakes

Soap Flakes

If you’re looking for a finish that’s easy to apply,... Read more
>Tung Oil: debunking the myths

Tung Oil: debunking the myths

Take a closer look at this common finish; there are... Read more
>Which HVLP spray finishing system is right for you?

Which HVLP spray finishing system is right for you?

The world of spray finishing can seem daunting at first.... Read more
>Lightweight fabric spray booth

Lightweight fabric spray booth

Make this simple fabric booth so spray finishing will be... Read more
>Spray finishing – tips for getting started

Spray finishing – tips for getting started

Rob Brown shares his tips for getting the best results... Read more
>Two options for finishing your next masterpiece

Two options for finishing your next masterpiece

If you’re searching for a finish that’s easy to apply,... Read more
>Sanding is a piece maker

Sanding is a piece maker

Take the drudgery out of sanding and realize the full... Read more
>Finishing with CA Glue

Finishing with CA Glue

Next time you reach for your CA glue, it can... Read more
>Stripping a finish

Stripping a finish

Armed with the right supplies and proper safety precautions, you... Read more
>Polishing and buffing a finish

Polishing and buffing a finish

With the right tools and a systematic approach, it’s not... Read more
>Adding years of patina…overnight

Adding years of patina…overnight

There’s something about a gracefully aged antique that catches your... Read more
>Furniture First Aid

Furniture First Aid

Of all the ways to extend the life of your... Read more
>Dyeing – An Introduction

Dyeing – An Introduction

Bring your next project's colour onto a level playing... Read more
>Revive, Not Refinish

Revive, Not Refinish

There’s no need to automatically reach for the belt sander... Read more
>Caring for a Finish

Caring for a Finish

Accidents may happen – these simple techniques can keep your... Read more
>Simple Cherry Finish

Simple Cherry Finish

Don’t fret over this crucial last phase of the build.... Read more
>Milk paint

Milk paint

Milk paint has been around since the time of the... Read more
>Red oak finish

Red oak finish

There are few woods easier to finish than red oak.... Read more
>3 easy steps to grain filling

3 easy steps to grain filling

For an ultra smooth, glass-like surface on open pored woods... Read more


Solvents are useful products that can make the finishing process... Read more
>Applying stains

Applying stains

Try using stain to make even the most ordinary project... Read more
>Make your own polish

Make your own polish

A simple recipe has been developed for a polish that... Read more
>Wood Finishing Reference Chart

Wood Finishing Reference Chart

This handy chart explains what you need to know about... Read more
>Wood repair: tips for dealing with small imperfections

Wood repair: tips for dealing with small imperfections

No one is perfect, but we can appear to be,... Read more
>Basics of Spraying

Basics of Spraying

After the many hours spent carefully building a project, it's... Read more
>High quality finishing with HVLP

High quality finishing with HVLP

If you ask woodworkers what their least favourite aspect of... Read more


A stain is a liquid substance that, when applied to... Read more
>Rubbing the finish

Rubbing the finish

The smooth, clear look that you see on expensive furniture... Read more
>Waterborne finishes – the clear finish

Waterborne finishes – the clear finish

You might be surprised to know that waterborne (or water... Read more
>Lacquer wood finish

Lacquer wood finish

Use lacquer for a super clear wood finish that is... Read more


For many, varnish is the king of finishes. It produces... Read more
>French polishing

French polishing

French polishing refers to a technique for applying shellac, not... Read more


Shellac is the finish that poses no problems: it’s easy... Read more
>Oil finishes

Oil finishes

Oil finishes are referred to as penetrating finishes: the oil... Read more
>Filling pores

Filling pores

Some woods, such as oak, ash, mahogany and walnut, have... Read more
>Surface preparation

Surface preparation

Most woodworkers will agree: the fun is in the making,... Read more
>Wood finishing

Wood finishing

Finishing can make or break your project. You’ve spent hours... Read more
>The real thing

The real thing

How do you know if you are looking at a... Read more