Wood Science

>Beauty of burls

Beauty of burls

Working with burls is a rewarding and wonderful way to... Read more
>Pigment figure in wood

Pigment figure in wood

It’s hard to imagine where the world of woodworking would... Read more
>The truth about wood grain

The truth about wood grain

It’s hard to imagine a conversation among woodworkers that doesn’t... Read more
>Medullary rays

Medullary rays

One of the most common characteristics of the Arts and... Read more


Woodworkers overwhelmingly prefer to work with hardwoods. Softwoods have their... Read more
>Softwoods: Structure and Growth Rings

Softwoods: Structure and Growth Rings

Softwoods have been common in less formal furniture for centuries,... Read more
>Heartwood and Sapwood

Heartwood and Sapwood

When viewing a cross section of a tree, two coloured... Read more
>Wood Science: An Introduction

Wood Science: An Introduction

We all know wood is a beautiful material that can... Read more
>An Appreciation of Black Walnut

An Appreciation of Black Walnut

Walnut is one of the most highly prized domestic woods,... Read more
>Dealing with Wood Movement

Dealing with Wood Movement

Wood movement is inevitable. However, there are many design and... Read more
>Wood Movement

Wood Movement

Understanding the interrelationship between wood and moisture is a fundamental... Read more
>Hardwoods & Softwoods

Hardwoods & Softwoods

Most woodworkers are familiar with the terms 'hardwood' and 'softwood'.... Read more
>Wood cuts and shrinkage

Wood cuts and shrinkage

The location of a specific cut in a log determines... Read more
>Choosing lumber

Choosing lumber

"A Board in the Hand is Worth Two in the... Read more
>Grain Pattern

Grain Pattern

As woodworkers, how much do we know about wood? Seems... Read more
>Solutions to cross-grain problems

Solutions to cross-grain problems

Here is a look at how to properly make breadboard... Read more
>Frame and panel design

Frame and panel design

In this article we cover how wood science affects doors,... Read more
>Table tops and wood movement

Table tops and wood movement

We look at why table tops split, crack and warp... Read more
>Wood movement – the basics

Wood movement – the basics

We didn’t invent wood. We invented plywood, particle board, oriented... Read more
>Wood cuts and how they react to moisture

Wood cuts and how they react to moisture

In this article we cover how moisture affects the shape... Read more
>Wood cuts and where they come from

Wood cuts and where they come from

The first thing to understand is that any species of... Read more
>Spinning straw into gold

Spinning straw into gold

There have been various types of wafer boards around for... Read more