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Bostitch trim air

This newest offering from Bostitch is a portable air compressor designed for a variety of uses including trim carpentry, cabinet installation and DIY projects. At just 8.8 kg (19.5 lbs), this compressor is designed for portability, both in the shop and on the jobsite. It starts and runs with only 8 amps – eliminating the need to constantly reset breakers.

This compact compressor relies on the use of high strength plastics and new pump/motor mounting techniques. Its size and quieter operation make it ideal as a stand-alone workbench compressor for assembling projects. The oil-free design minimizes maintenance, plus the unit will run on sloped surfaces.

The Trim Air uses a new type of hose developed by Bostitch, called the PROZHOZ. The hose is made of rugged polyurethane that is both chemical and abrasion resistant. It is non-marring and remains flexible in temperatures between –40°C and 82°C (-40ºF and 180ºF). The hose is bright yellow for high visibility, and is translucent, allowing a clear view of any contaminants in the airline. The patented design has several ridges running the length of the hose that help it slide around objects easily.

The PROZHOZ is a part of what made this a convenient compressor to work with. I used the Trim Air to assemble window mouldings and install baseboards. The compressor was small enough for me to nudge out of the way when I moved to a different part of the baseboards. Unlike a full-sized compressor with a heavy tank, the Trim Air’s low weight turned out to be very advantageous when frequent changes in location were required. The hose was light and did not place additional strain on my hand while I was working. I also found that the Trim Air was small enough to store on a shelf under my workbench. This alone would make it an ideal piece of equipment for a small shop or for the hobbyist who would not need a full-size compressor. All a person would have to do would be to build a cubbyhole or shelf for the compressor to stay in below his or her workbench. From there it would be easy to work on projects on the workbench or even at a short distance away from it.

While not powerful enough to use with a framing nailer, you can use it with a smaller finish or pin nailer. It runs considerably quieter than other compressors in this class that I have used. While it’s a good idea to remember to use hearing protection at all times when you’re going to be exposed to elevated noise levels, it was easy to forget with the Trim Air.

Whether you need an auxiliary portable compressor for small jobs, an initial compressor for light tasks, or a ‘starter’ to work with until you can afford a larger unit, the Bostitch Trim Air will serve you well.

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