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With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2010.

Insert Plate Size (9-¼” x 11-¾” x ⅜” Thick)
Vertical travel (3-¼”)
Fits PC7518/690/890, Bosch 1617/1618, DeWalt 610/618, Makita 1101, Hitachi M12VC& KM12VC, Milwaukee 5625/5615/5616/5619, Craftsman 7543/17540/28190, and Rigid R29302.
Comes with 2″ Tab-Loc insert ring, insert ring wrench, start pin

Spindle mount (2 R-8 double sealed bearings)
Top plate surface treatment (Hard Anodizing)

Why it’s Hot: Fits any fixed base router; Brings any router above table for safe, and easy bit changes; Spindle lock; Works with any 3hp routers.

Manufactured in Canada Distributed by Stockroom Supply $299 (Free Shipping)

JessEm Mast-R-Lift II

Personal, practical and unique – these new razor kits are an extremely popular addition to our selection of turning project kits. The kit includes a gold or chrome-plated head and fittings and accommodates any Gillette Mach 3®-style refill (sold separately).

Why it’s Hot: They’re easy to turn and put together and let you put a uniquely personal touch on an everyday item. They make an excellent gift on their own, or paired with our new badger hair shaving brushes!

$10.95 each, available in chrome or gold.
Razors shown here by Norm Kane, Guelph ON.
Photo: Norm Kane

William Wood-Write Razor Kits

A high-speed drill should be in everyone’s DIY toolbox, and its indispensable com­panion is the YEL-004 carbide tool set.
DuraGrit’s carbide burrs and wheels are long lasting, high performance accessories that come in a variety of useful shapes and grit grades.

Why it’s hot: Whether you’re looking to bore and enlarge a clearance hole in a ceramic wall tile to accept a water pipe, re-shape the edge of a wall tile to fit a contour in the corner of the backsplash, cut and fit laminate flooring or carve a duck decoy, there’s a Dura-Grit car­bide tool in the YEL-004 tool set to suit the job.

Dura-Grit Hi-Speed Carbide Burr Se

Ten gifts for the price of one! Here are our most popular and useful tools any homeowner or woodworker would love to have: Bench Cookies ($12.99) and Pyramid Painter ($7.77) from Rockler; INCRA’s 6″ marking rules ($9.99); Kreg Mini Jig ($22); 3x Elite Router Bits ($35); Dura-GRIT Carbide Flat Sanders 5″ disks – grit 60+120 ($11.99); 2×8″ Bessey Clamps ($5.99)

Why it’s Hot: Over $120 value offered in a special package price of only $84.95 including free shipping. 1-888-830-0124

Elite Top Ten

This 12” dual-bevel mitre saw looks nothing like any mitre saw you’ve ever seen. Durable precision machined cast aluminum construc­tion means no constant recalibration is needed. Upfront bevel controls and all-metal bevel lock lever elimi­nates need to reach behind tool. Expanded cutting capacity of 14″ nominal cross-cut; 6-½” vertical and crow capacity against the fence.

Why it’s Hot: You’ll notice that it feels like no other mitre saw you’ve ever used. The innovation responsible for both the unique appearance and the unparalleled level of performance is Bosch’s patented Axial-Glide™ system. Axial-Glide system oper­ates by folding the articulated arm flush with the back of the saw, sav­ing up to 12” of workspace.

Includes SquareLock™ Quick Release Fences and One-touch lock/unlock expanding fence. Suggested retail price $799.00.

Bosch Glide Mitre Saw

Customer Comment: “When my pine floor needed staining and finishing, I found the perfect solu­tion in Circa 1850 Antique Danish Oil. It was so easy to apply and, within minutes, my wood was a rich colour with a hand-rubbed finish.”

Also, scratches just disappear as Danish Oil is a great touch-up too. Available in Natural and 9 pre-mixed colours.

Why It’s Hot: As a 3-in-1 prod­uct, you can’t beat Antique Danish Oil for ease and versatility. There’s just no better way to condition, stain and finish any wooden surface all at once. From furniture to floors, every project will be a stunning success.
Suggested Retail Price: $45/gallon

Circa 1850 Antique Danish Oil

Not only is it a long-life sand­ing block that is the same grit grade each time you use it, it’s a sander that can true a rough edge 90° to the work surface, easily round corners, or bevel edges.

The TruSander™ will not wear down or tear so you won’t have to change worn sandpaper in the middle of a job.

Why it’s Hot: It sands hard and soft woods, MDF, PVC, laminates, composites, rubber and fibreglass. Its ergonomic handle and perforated sanding plate incorporate a dust col­lection system which clears the debris while you work. Every home and workshop should have one.
Available in 60, 80, 120 and 150 grit. $19.98 ea. USD

Dura-Grit 90° Carbide TruSander

Bosch re-invents the Spade Bit with the DareDevil!  The differ­ence between a DareDevil spade bit and a standard spade bit is immediately recognizable, even in the package! The full conical threaded tip pulls the bit through the wood for fast effortless drilling – requiring 53% less force than a standard spade bit and drilling up to 10 times faster! – a benefit that will be noticed the first time you use the bit overhead. DareDevil horns aren’t just for show either – they’re spurs and reamers which score the hole before drilling through resulting in cleaner holes, perfect for plumbing and electri­cal work.  The Bosch DSB5010 10 piece set includes all the 6″ long bits needed to get started.

Why it’s hot: Faster drilling, requires less effort, and produces a cleaner hole! A great spade bit set for plumbers and electricians, or for the Do-it-yourself’er! $29.99 MSRP

DareDevil spade bit

DELTA Machinery introduces a new 13-inch Portable Thickness Planer that delivers superior precision required by today’s woodworker. The new premium planer (model 22-590), designed with exclusive patent-pend­ing features, boasts ultra cut quality to minimize snipe and maximize ease of use, accuracy and capacity in the workshop.

Why it’s hot: combination of extensive field research and the brand’s woodworking history ensures premium cut quality and precision as critical requirements of planers, and the 22-590 delivers on these needs and more for today’s woodworker.

DELTA Planer

This new General International 2 HP cabinet saw features a full cast-iron table, cast-iron cabinet mounted trunnions, European style riving knife, arbor lock for one-tool blade changes, and a sturdy T-style rip fence.

Why it’s Hot: With its 2 HP dual voltage motor (pre-wired for 230V), the 50-200Rstrikes a great balance between power, precision and afford­ability. Whether looking for a first “serious” saw or to upgrade from an existing unit, the 50-200Rmay be an attractive option for many shops.

This product is no longer available

General Cabinet Saw

DEWALT’s new Compact Router combines power, ease-of-use, ergonomic features and innovations designed for visibility, control and overall performance. The new router features a 1-¼ peak HP motor that delivers significantly more power than competitors’ models to ensure users be as productive as possible. Additionally, variable speed con­trol and a low, contoured gripping surface allow professionals to experi­ence increased control compared to existing models.

Why it’s hot: Knowing that its end users requested improved vis­ibility and accuracy over competitors’ units, DEWALT’s new compact router features dual LEDs to provide ample illumination on the work surface, and an extended ¼-inch router collet. The router collet provides greater bit contact with the router bit shaft than traditional routers, allowing users less vibration. Model DWP611 – $159 Model DWP611PK- $229

DEWALT New Compact Router

Turns Logs into Lumber!

The Little Ripper is a Canadian-made product which is simple and easy to use. This jig is a must for anyone who enjoys the challenge of seeing a project through from the beginning to end, especially the hob­byist who wants to build a project with wood not available at their local supplier.

Why it’s Hot: This product and method guarantees straight safe cuts on any upright bandsaw. It is ideal for resawing logs and lumber. To really see why the Little Ripper is so popular, watch videos and online demonstrations on our web­site, listed below.
Manufactured in Canada
Distributed by Stockroom Supply

Stockroom Supply Little Ripper

This 20″ long drilling template and bushing guided drill bit allows the user to drill rows of holes perfectly spaced on the industry standards of 32mm (1-¼”) centers and at 37mm (1-7/16″) or 64mm (2-½”) from the edge. Indexing holes for the included ¼” drill or the optional 5mm drill allow the user to drill an unlimited length of holes.

Why it’s hot: BlackJack Shelf Pin Drill Jig is the fastest and easiest way to drill shelf pin holes before or after the project is finished. No other jig is this por­table or convenient. It takes all the guesswork out of drilling shelf pin holes. $29.99

BlackJack Shelf Pin Drilling Jig

Rosewood Studio’s five-day “Excellence With Hand Tools” is a practical, hands-on course teaching proficiency and accuracy in the tuning and use of planes, chisels, scrapers and saws. From what sharp is and how to achieve it, to hand cutting dovetails, the $760 tuition fee covers all materi­als and the use of a top quality kit of hand tools.

Why it’s Hot: This is our most popular class for woodworkers at all levels. Mastering hand tools adds accuracy, efficiency and pleasure to wood­working, even for the “plugged in” craftsman. We shorten the learning curve so students can stop struggling with their tools.

Rosewood Studio Five Day Course

Everyone needs a good level, and the new Benchmark Acuralevel measures up. The level fea­tures a zero to eight percent adjustable grade finder, LED illuminated center vial, and magne­tized frame with ruler. Also included is a protective carrying case.

Why it’s Hot: Alighted vial makes sense when working in dimly lit areas such as basements, walk-in closets, attics and work sheds, the percentage grade finder allows for easy calculation of slopes, especially helpful on drainage projects, and the magnetized frame frees up an additional hand when working with conduit or metal shelving. $19.97

Benchmark Acuralevel

Producing razor sharp tools and finely finished bevels has moved from an art to a sci­ence.  Any grinding job from skews, scrapers, bowl gouges or roughing gouges are all easy prey for this jig. The WOLVERINE will speed up your grinding, give you sharper tools and prolong the life of both tools and grinding wheels.

Why it’s Hot: Makes sharpen­ing skews and gouges a snap, which means less time grinding and your tools last longer.

Easy to set up. The best invest­ment an amateur or occasional woodworker can make. $87.95

Wolverine Grinding Jig

Forrest Manufacturing has taken its award-winning general-pur­pose saw blade to a superior level of performance. The new 1048 Woodworker II has more teeth, a higher bevel and sharper points than the original 40-tooth II, making it exceptionally good for cross-cutting everything from soft woods to plywood. It cleanly slices through wood fibres and operates quietly with virtually no vibration.

Why it’s Hot: Cross-cutting involves severing the fibres in the grain, often resulting in splinter­ing or a fuzzy cut. 48-tooth eliminates those prob­lems. It also produces smooth rips without side scoring or splintering, making it a good all-purpose combi­nation blade. Price: $134.00

Forrest 48-Tooth Woodworker II

Featuring standard equipment HEPA filters and Self-Cleaning filter bags, the new CT26 and 36 Dust Extractors from Festool are engineered to filter 99.97 percent of dust and fine particles, delivering near dust-free results for sand­ing, routing, sawing and more. The updated units deliver best-in-class suction, tool-triggered autostart and variable suction control, help­ing users efficiently achieve the best possible results.

These brand new Dust Extractors from Festool represent the most evolved, most complete dust removal system available today. Breathe eas­ier and increase your productivity by upgrading to a system designed with dust control as a top priority.

For additional details and pric­ing, visit:

festool Festool Dust Extractors

From Bosch – the inventor of the jigsaw blade – comes the latest innovation in reciprocating saw blades.  The RAP9EPK reciprocating blade set includes two of THE EDGE metal cutting blades: one clean cutting, one metal demolition.  EDGE blades have increased heat resistance result­ing in extended blade life in metal cutting.  These blades start sharper, and stay sharper longer.

Why it’s hot: A high quality, enduring Swiss Made recip blade for every purpose, and a pouch to put them in – a great all-purpose gen­eral usage set for the pro or gift idea for the handyman!

Also included in this set are five standard 6″ Metal cutting blades, two 6″ and one 9″ wood-with-nails blades, and an all-purpose 9″ blade. $29.99 MSRP

Bosch 9+2 All-purpose Reciprocating Blade Set

The 25 foot Acuratape features an LED light and magnifier for eas­ier reading, a pencil holder and pin point

scriber for accurate marking, a magnetic tip, and a shock absorber blade return mechanism.

Why it’s Hot: The pencil holder and pinpoint marker are great for accurate marking, laying out circles and scribing straight lines. The LED light illuminates the magnifier allowing measuring, even in poorly lit areas. Benchmark Acuratape is now available in an imperial/metric version. $17.97

Benchmark Acuratape

This 10” table saw features a powerful 1.5HP TEFC motor, solid cast iron table, solid cast iron extension wings and a smooth gliding fence with micro adjustment. Large hand wheels, up-front controls, multi position ON/OFF switch, tool-free blade change and overall high quality construc­tion make this saw a winner in any workshop.

Why it’s Hot: The CT146 contractor’s saw combines power, precision and overall high quality at a fantastic price. Complete with an absolute dream for a fence, this has been one of our best sellers. On sale for only $599. Drop into one of our showrooms or visit us at

Craftex 10" Table Saw

Your random orbital sander or bench sander has never seen anything like the car­bide DuraDisc™ from DuraGrit. With DuraGrit’s Carbide Fusion Technology™, it will sand through your entire project. DuraGrit’s tes­ters sanded more than 10,000 feet of wood with a single disc, which looked barely used afterwards and still performed like new!

Why it’s Hot: Sand hard and soft wood with your ROS. Shape and grind wood, plywood, fibreglass, lam­inates, wall tile, rubber, leather and many more materials on your bench sander. You’ll have trouble running out of ways to use them! Available in 46,60,80,120 & 150 grit – all five- & eight-hole compatible.   $24.98 ea.

Dura-Grit DuraDisc 5" Carbide Sanding Discs

DELTA Machinery introduces the new 18-inch Laser Drill Press – once again raising the bar in the drill press category – with features that include the patent-pending industry first Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System, a full six-inch quill stroke and DELTA’s over­sized woodworker’s table.

Why it’s Hot: “Our most advanced drill press to date, the 18-900Lencompasses a total package of features technologically designed to meet and exceed the demands of today’s wood­worker, including the need for capacity, accuracy and ease of use,” said Clyde Arceneaux, product manager. $899

DELTA Drill Press

Rip cuts, mitre cuts and cross-cuts all in one innovative tool! Developed using SKIL’s renowned cutting heritage, the new SKIL flooring saw cuts solid, engineered and laminate wood flooring. Its dual sliding rails provide accuracy and effortless oper­ation for cross cuts and mitre cuts and its innovative locking system secures saw on rails for rip cuts.

Why it’s Hot: Completes most cuts for a flooring installation – and it’s portable! Only 25 lbs, designed to work in the room you’re flooring, and has integrated handle for easy trans­port. Professional or a DIY’er, you are going to love this tool!
Suggested Retail $199

Skil Flooring Saw

Lightweight, accurate, and easy to handle, this Plunge Cut Saw’s portable design offers the precisionand capability you’d expect from a traditional table saw, mitre saw, or panel saw, with the portability of a handheld circular saw. This guide rail-based system is ideal for breaking down sheet goods, ripping long boards and making angled or even compound cuts.

The latest evolution in a category Festool created in 1964, TS55 EQ contin­ues to gain ground among jobsite and workshop users who value precision, convenience and efficiency.
For additional details and pricing, visit:

Festool Plunge Cut Saw

The STANLEY® FatMax® Xtreme™ Tape Rule features 13 feet of standout and a Mylar® polyester film wrapped blade with Blade Armor™ coating on the first six inches to protect the blade from wear and tear.

Why it’s Hot: With tape rules, standout length is the key factor. It’s the feature pros use to gauge tool quality, and general users need to get the job done.  With today’s increasing shift in standard building materials from 8 foot lengths to 10 foot and 12 foot lengths, it makes it easier for a single user to get the job done, without requiring assistance on every measurement. Available at all home improvement and general retailers across Canada. Price is $29.99

STANLEY FatMax Xtreme Tape Rule

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