>Tooling for the bench top lathe

Tooling for the bench top lathe

We look at some basic turning tools and accessories that... Read more
>Bora 100″ NGX Clamp Edge Saw Guide, NGX Pro Saw Plate

Bora 100″ NGX Clamp Edge Saw Guide, NGX Pro Saw Plate

A cost-effective, simple and efficient solution to help woodworkers and... Read more
>Straight Router Bits – A Primer

Straight Router Bits – A Primer

Most of us know what a router bit is and... Read more
>What Are Router Lifts All About?

What Are Router Lifts All About?

Router lifts aren’t new to the market. Different companies have... Read more
>Impact driver accessories

Impact driver accessories

Impact drivers need impact-ready accessories for maximum... Read more
>CBN Grinding Wheels

CBN Grinding Wheels

Although they have been available since about 1970, cubic boron... Read more
>Reciprocating saw blades

Reciprocating saw blades

A reciprocating saw is one of the most useful power... Read more
>Router collets

Router collets

An essential component of any router, the collet is what... Read more
>DVR – The Smart Motor

DVR – The Smart Motor

You're bound to see more of these motors over the... Read more
>Net-backed abrasive sanding discs

Net-backed abrasive sanding discs

Enhance your sanding efficiency with net... Read more
>Portable work support

Portable work support

These sturdy, portable supports add versatility and convenience in the... Read more
>A study in workbench design

A study in workbench design

Dreaming of a new workbench? I made my new bench... Read more
>Festool SysRock Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

Festool SysRock Bluetooth Jobsite Radio

It's sturdy, compact, and the stellar sound will keep you... Read more
>A Bit About Twist Drills

A Bit About Twist Drills

You may never look at a humble twist drill bit... Read more
>Introduction To Laser Levels

Introduction To Laser Levels

Given the broad number of choices in the laser level... Read more
>Introduction to Dado Sets

Introduction to Dado Sets

Though they may not be as flashy as some other... Read more
>Miscellaneous Small Shop Air Tools

Miscellaneous Small Shop Air Tools

Round out your collection of small shop air tools by... Read more
>Introduction to helical cutter heads

Introduction to helical cutter heads

There are many advantages to using a helical cutter head... Read more
>Selecting and Using a Saw Blade

Selecting and Using a Saw Blade

The quality of a cut is largely determined by the... Read more
>Ryobi ONE+ Batteries

Ryobi ONE+ Batteries

New 18V batteries from Ryobi extend the functionality of the... Read more
>Dovetail router jigs

Dovetail router jigs

The dovetail is a time-honoured joint that’s admired for its... Read more
>Types of Shop Heating

Types of Shop Heating

If you have a small stand-alone shop, or plan on... Read more
>Hot Melt Glue Guns

Hot Melt Glue Guns

If you need an extra hand in the shop for... Read more
>Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters

Use a moisture meter to help you determine the precise... Read more
>Tool Storage Bags

Tool Storage Bags

When you need to do an installation or a repair... Read more
>Combination saw blades

Combination saw blades

When it comes to a general purpose, workhorse saw blade,... Read more
>Powered face shield respirators

Powered face shield respirators

For maximum eye and lung protection nothing beats a powered... Read more
>Ambient Air Cleaners

Ambient Air Cleaners

An ambient air cleaner, which you can run intermittently throughout... Read more
>Dovetail jigs

Dovetail jigs

Dovetails are the hallmark of finely crafted furniture; they are... Read more
>Granite Tops: Rock Solid Innovation

Granite Tops: Rock Solid Innovation

Granite is a viable alternative to cast iron for machinery... Read more


The Newest Cordless Tool Power... Read more
>Leigh super jigs

Leigh super jigs

Leigh DR4 and D1600 dovetail jigs are unanimously considered the... Read more
>Workbench accessories

Workbench accessories

We have seen a lot of woodworking shops, and we... Read more
>Bit by bit – a boring story

Bit by bit – a boring story

From exceptionally clean, flat-bottomed holes in fine furniture to... Read more
>Shop clamps

Shop clamps

There is one inescapable fact in woodworking – you always... Read more
>Workshop safety

Workshop safety

When it comes to making your shop a safer place... Read more


Each glue has a specific purpose. Knowing which glue to... Read more
>Bench grinder upgrade

Bench grinder upgrade

Trick out our bench grinder to get the most out... Read more
>Kreg precision miter gauge and band saw fence

Kreg precision miter gauge and band saw fence

It's a frustrating fact of woodworking life that most tablesaw... Read more
>Drawer slide attachment jig

Drawer slide attachment jig

Because drawer slides can be difficult to install in a... Read more
>SuperBar and MasterPlate

SuperBar and MasterPlate

In order to do the best work that you are... Read more
>Long Ranger dust collector switch

Long Ranger dust collector switch

The Long Ranger III is as easy to use remote... Read more
>Fediw tilt fence jig

Fediw tilt fence jig

Michael Fediw of London, Ontario has come up with a... Read more
>Table saw blades

Table saw blades

Buying a new table saw blade can be a daunting... Read more