Hand Tools

>Old tools made new

Old tools made new

Restoring old tools is fun, educational and... Read more
>Lynx concave and convex scraper sets

Lynx concave and convex scraper sets

Exceptionally useful for anyone who works with mouldings and... Read more
>Japanese hand saws

Japanese hand saws

Learn about the different types of Japanese hand saws, how... Read more
>Bessey EZS one hand clamp

Bessey EZS one hand clamp

Well made with excellent clamping power, good trigger release, and... Read more
>Half-round cabinet rasps

Half-round cabinet rasps

Rasps are superb tools for shaping and smoothing stock -... Read more


Selecting the right brush, and properly maintaining it, will ensure... Read more


The carefree, unfettered sibling of... Read more
>Hand Sanding

Hand Sanding

Sanding by hand is a simple enough technique, but one... Read more
>The Cast Iron American Style Block Plane

The Cast Iron American Style Block Plane

One of the most common and practical hand planes of... Read more
>Brushes for Applying a Finish

Brushes for Applying a Finish

You can get beautiful results applying film finishes – shellac,... Read more
>The Veritas Combination Plane

The Veritas Combination Plane

The Veritas combination plane is a groove demon, also capable... Read more
>18 Crucial Home Improvement Tools

18 Crucial Home Improvement Tools

Many DIYers don’t have a huge shop with dedicated space... Read more
>12 Tools to Start Building Fine Furniture

12 Tools to Start Building Fine Furniture

If you’re just getting into woodworking, deciding what hand tools... Read more
>Straight Carving Gouges

Straight Carving Gouges

Carving is a great way to add individual expression to... Read more
>Chisels for Furniture Making

Chisels for Furniture Making

There are many different types of chisels on the market,... Read more
>Useful Tools for the Small Shop

Useful Tools for the Small Shop

With so many tools and machines getting larger and more... Read more
>Japanese Hand-Saws

Japanese Hand-Saws

Just because they look, cut and feel different than you’re... Read more
>Woodturning Tools for a New Turner

Woodturning Tools for a New Turner

Turning requires a completely different set of tools and can... Read more
>Lee Valley Veritas Carcase Saw

Lee Valley Veritas Carcase Saw

They’re not designed to compete with the boutique varieties, nor... Read more
>Shop Knives

Shop Knives

Knives in the shop can make short work of a... Read more
>The cabinet scraper: low tech tool – high performance results

The cabinet scraper: low tech tool – high performance results

Scrapers are among the lowest-tech tools in the woodshop –... Read more
>Bevel-edged Chisels – A Shop Essential

Bevel-edged Chisels – A Shop Essential

With so many choices available, choosing the right set of... Read more
>Metal Hand Plane Tune-up

Metal Hand Plane Tune-up

Sometimes an inexpensive plane can be transformed into a useful... Read more
>Specialty Planes

Specialty Planes

Some hand planes get used faithfully in the shop to... Read more
>Marking Gauge

Marking Gauge

Marking gauges are a basic yet essential shop tool for... Read more
>The Shoulder Plane

The Shoulder Plane

No other plane performs as well as a shoulder plane... Read more
>Low-Angle Block Plane

Low-Angle Block Plane

While the smoothing plane excels at preparing face grain, the... Read more
>Smoothing Planes

Smoothing Planes

Looking for an alternative to sanding dust and noise? Look... Read more
>Tape Measures & Straight Rulers

Tape Measures & Straight Rulers

The ability to take accurate measurements for precise stock preparation... Read more
>Pocket Combination Squares

Pocket Combination Squares

A pocket combination square is pretty much a ‘do-all’ marking... Read more
>Digital Calipers

Digital Calipers

A good quality dial or electronic caliper can be one... Read more
>Bevel Chisels

Bevel Chisels

Planes, saws and chisels form the triumvirate of woodworking hand... Read more
>Hand Saws – Shop Essentials

Hand Saws – Shop Essentials

Specific saws are designed to excel at specific cuts and... Read more


Hammers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each... Read more
>Files and rasps

Files and rasps

Today's woodworker has many options for shaping and smoothing, and... Read more
>Blue Spruce marking knife

Blue Spruce marking knife

The Blue Spruce marking knife is an exceptional tool. It's... Read more
>Surfacing tools – grandpa’s tool kit part 5

Surfacing tools – grandpa’s tool kit part 5

Even today the cabinetmaker’s trademark is the bench plane. While... Read more
>Try squares

Try squares

Squares are indispensable shop tools for layout and measurement, and... Read more
>Bent knife

Bent knife

To hand carve furniture hardware a lot of knives on... Read more
>Felling, splitting & chopping – grandpa’s tool kit Part 3

Felling, splitting & chopping – grandpa’s tool kit Part 3

Tools used at the turn of the 20th century to... Read more
>Securing and preparing tools – grandpa’s tool kit part 2

Securing and preparing tools – grandpa’s tool kit part 2

Tools of the 19th century used to secure and prepare... Read more
>Grandpa’s tool kit – part 1

Grandpa’s tool kit – part 1

19th Century rural Canada woodworking tools. What a voyage of discovery... Read more
>Tite-Mark marking gauge

Tite-Mark marking gauge

There are all manner of marking and cutting gauges on... Read more
>Spokeshaves: life on the cutting edge

Spokeshaves: life on the cutting edge

The spokeshave fits nicely between the drawknife and the... Read more
>Introduction to handsaws – part 2

Introduction to handsaws – part 2

This article covers traditional and contemporary Japanese style... Read more